Monday, May 26, 2014


Hola family.

Before I left on the mission, our friend Amada (wife of Enrique) told me to get used to that word: Guerita. It means white person. Haha. The lady in the ciber that I'm writing in just said, 'Hola Guerita. How are you?' I said, 'I'm good, how are you?' haha. It is really weird to see a white person here, even for me.

Right now I am in Taxco. It's a city 40 minutes outside of Iguala and in our zone. There is a huge statue of Christ that you can go up to and see the whole city. We got to Taxco and waited in a cathedral for the elders. It was this really ornate catholic cathedral and a man that works there told us all about how it was built. It took 70 years to build. It was impressive, but to be honest, I didn't like it. The images and statues aren't really...uplifting. There was a statue of Christ with his crown of thorns and I just felt sad that people like to remember him suffering. Yes, He suffered and died for each of us, but the best and most important part of it all is that HE LIVES! It was still cool to see the church. My comp and I wanted to sit in the confession boxes but there were signs that said we couldn't sit in them. We probably had to pay first or something. Just kidding...but seriously. 

The statue of Christ is on this huge mountain. Before we got here, we thought we were climbing up to the top. We dressed for a hike but when we met the elders, they were all dressed in normal clothes! haha. You actually take a taxi up to the statue and then walk down. It was a good thing we took a taxi because I would have died. For real. Climbing down was hard...there were these stairs of death and my legs were shaking so bad. haha. It's all good. Also, on the way down, we helped this lady with her groceries and she gave Hna. Hernandez and me a rose 'para la virgen'. People here love the Virgin Mary. This is something that confuses me a little. But I like roses so it's all good. Also, here in Taxco, all of the taxis are VW Bugs! 

This week Hna. Hernandez and I worked hard to find more people to teach. We are also trying to find inactive families to reactivate. We were blessed to find a a few families that have been inactive for a few years but want to come back. They also have children that aren't baptized. Of course, they didn't actually come to church, but we are going to keep working with them. It's hard to change habits that you have had for years, so I am hoping with patience and a little bit of love, they will start coming back.  

Also, our family that we just love CAME TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY! We brought Hna. Hernandez's alarm clock to them on Saturday so they wouldn't have any excuses. Not the whole family came, but almost. Two of their kids are 5 and 6 years old and they LOVED primary. The family seemed very content and happy. We also had another investigator come, too. His name is Romaldo and last week, we went by his house before church and he told us he would come but he didn't. We visited him this week and he told us that after we left, he started cutting branches off of his tree. He said that as he was cutting branches, a bee stung him on his lip and he thought 'it's because I told the Hermanas that I would go to church and didn't. God is punishing me.' hahaha. Whatever gets them to the church! 

It rained really hard the other night and it woke me up. There was lightening every 3 minutes. It's nice because the temperature is cooler...but it's so humid and there are thousands of mosquitos! I think I killed about 50 yesterday. Yuck. 

Everyday my faith is tested here on the mission. I am really trying to work hard and not get discouraged when things don't work out they way we want them to. Kasidy wrote me last week and said that no matter what happens, it's the Lord's work and all is working out they way it is supposed to. It's true. The Lord is directing this work. I am grateful to be on a mission. I am grateful for this gospel. It truly lifts burdens and allows people to find joy in this life. I know that when we follow the will of the Lord, He opens up the way for us to accomplish things we never thought were possible.

I love all of you! Thank you for your love and support. 


Love you all!!!

Hermana Durham

p.s. I have a bunch of pictures to send but this computer isn't letting me send them. HOpefully next week I will be able to send them!!!

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