Monday, June 2, 2014

Small Pinkies and Scary Eyes

Hi Family!

This week we had RAIN here in Iguala. It's really awesome because a lot of our area is dirt roads so my shoes were coated with mud. Also, my shoes that are the most comfortable (the black clarks)...the sole is cracked. I feel like an official missionary now. Don't worry, mom. They are still functioning just fine. And the smell really good...just kidding.  

First thing first...I HAVE A NEW NEPHEW AND HE IS PERFECT AND CHUBBY AND BEAUTIFUL!!! Congratulations Christen and Mike! I can't tell you how badly I want to hold him, but I guess I'll have to wait another year. In the mean time, don't forget to show him pictures of me and brainwash...or, I mean...tell him about his favorite Aunt Kylie. :) 

This past week we have Zone Conference. It was really great. I must tell you, President Kusch is an inspired man and I feel very lucky to serve here with him. We are all reading the Book of Mormon in 65 days because that is how long it took Joseph Smith to translate the golden plates. I am reading in it Spanish so it takes me a little longer. We have to read 10 pages a day in order to finish in time and so far I am on track! It's only been two days, though. Haha. We are reading it and highlighting ever reference about the Gospel/Doctrine of Jesus Christ...Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End. Each in a different color. I am also highlighting referencing to the Savior. I am really excited about this. I also have hopes that this will improve my Spanish. I think it was President Hinckley that promised if we read the Book of Mormon in the language we are trying to learn, we will be able to learn it faster. 

This week I was told that I have really long pinkies. I never noticed before. We were in a lesson with one of our families that we are teaching and we compared my pinky to was like twice the size of their pinkies! freaky looking. But I think it's because they have dwarf pinkies. For real. I'm the normal one, ok? 

Also, in another lesson with a menos activo family that we are working with, they told me that their son is afraid of my eyes! He thinks they are freaky looking. I opened them really big and he literally turned away in fear. But it's ok, because we were visiting another menos activo sister in our ward and she told me that her 3 year old grandson wanted to go to church with her because he wanted to see 'la guerita con los ojos bonitos' (white girl with pretty eyes). So It's all good...I have 3 year olds who are in love with me and others who are afraid. 

The work in progressing here in Iguala but we have a lot more we can do. We didn't have a ton of investigators in church yesterday, but we had some. Also, some of our inactives we are working with were there and that was just as exciting for me. We are working with one family and they haven't been to church in 2 years. We found them and they have a daughter that has a baptismal date (she is 9). Last week they didn't come but they were all in church yesterday and it made me so happy! They are a great family (this is the family with the son who is afraid of my eyes...haha). 

We also found a family that we are teaching that are super Christian but the mom is really receptive and super sweet. She always talks about how she loves that we are always so happy even though we are far from home. 

I think my favorite investigator right now is Romaldo. I don't know why because I can barely understand anything he is saying because...well, it's in spanish AND he mumbles, but he is just really cool. I think he is in his 50s and his wife died last year. His kids aren't the greatest...they don't say anything to us when we come to teach him, but Romaldo is really great and I can tell he is truly being prepared for the gospel. 

I have to remind myself that we just opened up our area here and right now we are working on finding people. But we are doing what we can. Changes are coming up this week but I have a feeling I am going to stay here with Hna. Hernandez. We still have work here to do. 

I am really grateful for this work. And really grateful for the priesthood and those who bare it with humility and love. I am grateful for the sacred ordinances we receive through this power. I realized that May 30 was my 2 year anniversary of going through the temple. TWO YEARS. I know that the ordinances that are found in the temple are saving ordinances that we need in order to progress. Whoever reads this...if you have a temple near you...GO. Go for me...and for the blessings and for the people you will do work for. It's worth it. 

Love you all!!!

Hermana Durham

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