Monday, May 26, 2014


Hola family.

Before I left on the mission, our friend Amada (wife of Enrique) told me to get used to that word: Guerita. It means white person. Haha. The lady in the ciber that I'm writing in just said, 'Hola Guerita. How are you?' I said, 'I'm good, how are you?' haha. It is really weird to see a white person here, even for me.

Right now I am in Taxco. It's a city 40 minutes outside of Iguala and in our zone. There is a huge statue of Christ that you can go up to and see the whole city. We got to Taxco and waited in a cathedral for the elders. It was this really ornate catholic cathedral and a man that works there told us all about how it was built. It took 70 years to build. It was impressive, but to be honest, I didn't like it. The images and statues aren't really...uplifting. There was a statue of Christ with his crown of thorns and I just felt sad that people like to remember him suffering. Yes, He suffered and died for each of us, but the best and most important part of it all is that HE LIVES! It was still cool to see the church. My comp and I wanted to sit in the confession boxes but there were signs that said we couldn't sit in them. We probably had to pay first or something. Just kidding...but seriously. 

The statue of Christ is on this huge mountain. Before we got here, we thought we were climbing up to the top. We dressed for a hike but when we met the elders, they were all dressed in normal clothes! haha. You actually take a taxi up to the statue and then walk down. It was a good thing we took a taxi because I would have died. For real. Climbing down was hard...there were these stairs of death and my legs were shaking so bad. haha. It's all good. Also, on the way down, we helped this lady with her groceries and she gave Hna. Hernandez and me a rose 'para la virgen'. People here love the Virgin Mary. This is something that confuses me a little. But I like roses so it's all good. Also, here in Taxco, all of the taxis are VW Bugs! 

This week Hna. Hernandez and I worked hard to find more people to teach. We are also trying to find inactive families to reactivate. We were blessed to find a a few families that have been inactive for a few years but want to come back. They also have children that aren't baptized. Of course, they didn't actually come to church, but we are going to keep working with them. It's hard to change habits that you have had for years, so I am hoping with patience and a little bit of love, they will start coming back.  

Also, our family that we just love CAME TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY! We brought Hna. Hernandez's alarm clock to them on Saturday so they wouldn't have any excuses. Not the whole family came, but almost. Two of their kids are 5 and 6 years old and they LOVED primary. The family seemed very content and happy. We also had another investigator come, too. His name is Romaldo and last week, we went by his house before church and he told us he would come but he didn't. We visited him this week and he told us that after we left, he started cutting branches off of his tree. He said that as he was cutting branches, a bee stung him on his lip and he thought 'it's because I told the Hermanas that I would go to church and didn't. God is punishing me.' hahaha. Whatever gets them to the church! 

It rained really hard the other night and it woke me up. There was lightening every 3 minutes. It's nice because the temperature is cooler...but it's so humid and there are thousands of mosquitos! I think I killed about 50 yesterday. Yuck. 

Everyday my faith is tested here on the mission. I am really trying to work hard and not get discouraged when things don't work out they way we want them to. Kasidy wrote me last week and said that no matter what happens, it's the Lord's work and all is working out they way it is supposed to. It's true. The Lord is directing this work. I am grateful to be on a mission. I am grateful for this gospel. It truly lifts burdens and allows people to find joy in this life. I know that when we follow the will of the Lord, He opens up the way for us to accomplish things we never thought were possible.

I love all of you! Thank you for your love and support. 


Love you all!!!

Hermana Durham

p.s. I have a bunch of pictures to send but this computer isn't letting me send them. HOpefully next week I will be able to send them!!!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Another Week In Iguala

Hello Beautiful Family,

I can't believe that it's only been a week since I talked to you last. It feels like forever ago. Both Hermana Hernadez and I are new to the area and we are opening the area we are in so we have been trying to get to know the members, find people to teach, etc. We share the ward with the zone leaders. The ward used to just have one set of missionaries so they split the area. The ZLs kept the part that they worked in most and we got the parts that they never worked in. :) So we have our work cut out for us. Everyone also tells us that it's dangerous here but I haven't felt unsafe don't worry, mom. Although yesterday I was wearing my arrow necklace (I FIXED IT, EMILY) which is fake gold and worth about $5 and Hna. Hernandez told me that I should take it off because it looked expensive. Ok. 

It really hasn't been as hot here the last few days compared to my first few days here. Don't's still hot and I sweat like crazy but I have been able to handle it. We are excited for the rains to start because it cools off more. 

This past week we had lots of help from members...especially the youth. 3 different days we were accompanied by young women from the ward and they helped us find houses of members and less actives. One of the girls kept telling me of all the RMs in the ward that I should marry. I think she thinks it's weird that I'm 25 and not married. Everyone asks if I left someone waiting for me at home. Yesterday at our food appt, the Hermano told me that I need to marry a Mexican and if not a Mexican, a Latino of some kind. Why does everyone want to get me married? Also, I have 15 more months on the mission so let's focus on that. Oh, and everyone assumes that since I am from Las Vegas, I am rich. Little do they know... Seriously, I get asked if I own casinos and stuff. I should just tell people I'm from Nevada. :)

We have a few investigators we are teaching. No one came to church this sunday which was a huge disappointment. One of the families we are teaching is so awesome. Their two youngest kids love me because I always play thumb wars with them. They were so pumped about coming to church and on Saturday we passed by their house and they were getting their clothes ready. We went by on Sunday and no one answered the door. We passed by all of our investigator's houses and no one came. WE stopped by the families house last night and I guess they didn't hear us knocking and don't have an alarm clock. So we are going to find one and make sure they come next Sunday

We really have a great ward here in Iguala. We are doing our best to help the ward grow. I do think my Spanish has improved since being here but I am far from fluent. I pray everyday that I will have patience with myself. On Saturday I hit 2 months in Mexico and had a reality check that I have only been here for 2 months. I guess I shouldn't expect myself to be fluent by now. 

I am grateful to be here on the mission. Everyday is a challenge trying to find the people who are prepared to hear this gospel, but I know that the Lord is really in charge.

I am so grateful for you all. I have the best family and friends. You all are a motivation to me. Thank you.

The gospel it true, people. Go and share it with someone who doesn't have it yet. It will change their life and yours.

Love you

Hermana Durham

Monday, May 12, 2014


Oh hey everyone!

I hope you had a good week. Mine was...well, it felt like a month long.

First, remember how last week I mentioned we had special changes on Monday? Well, Hna. Garcia and I were in a trio with Hna. Vasquez for a day and we got calls for special changes again on Tuesday. And guess who they were for? Me. Hna. Garcia answered the phone and I knew it was going to be for me. I started bawling in the middle of the road. I know that changes happen all the time on the mission, but this was especially hard. Hna. Garcia became my best friend. I'm pretty sure we knew each other in the pre-exsistence. haha...but seriously. I was only with her for 7 1/2 weeks but it felt like I knew her forever. Plus she was my trainer and I thought I had at least another month with her.The worst part is we aren't serving anywhere near each other so I have no idea when we will get to see each other next. The change happened on Wednesday and I cried on the way to the offices, in the office, and the first night in Iguala. I'm praying everyday that by some miracle we will serve together again. I know it'll never happen but WHO KNOWS! 

Another sad thing was I didn't get to say goodbye to my friends in Cuaunauhac Ward. Hopefully one day I can come back and visit them. 

By the way, I'm in Iguala now. My new companion is Hermana Hernandez from Vera Cruz, MX. She is super nice and helpful. I'm sure my spanish is going to improve since I can't really speak English to her. She knows some English and she wants me to help her learn more. Iguala is SO HOT. When I first got here, I got off the bus and hit a wall of heat. I'm pretty sure it's equal to Las Vegas but more humidity. The rainy season is about to start though and they say it gets cooler so that is exciting. Also, there aren't any hills in my area which is a tender mercy. Oh, we have a swamp cooler thing in our bedroom so I can actually sleep. Another blessing from above. And...we had 2 earthquakes in 3 days. One was during the night and I woke up to my bed moving back and forth. The end is near, people! haha.

Our ward is super great. In my few short days here, I have noticed that we have a lot of support from the members. We share the ward with the zone leaders. We are the first sisters this ward has had in a long time and are opening the area and trying to find people to teach. Yesterday we got to church and they introduced me as the new missionary and asked if I would lead the music. Welcome to the ward! IN Gospel Principles class, the teacher asked anyone if they has any questions and that I would be able to answer them. Luckily noone had any questions. :) 

ALSO...IT WAS SO GOOD TO TALK TO YOU YESTERDAY. Oh my goodness, when you opened up skype and everyone was sitting in the living room...what a sight for sore eyes. We were missing Katie and Christen but I got to see Chelsea's pregnant little belly and my cute little nieces and nephews and everyone. I got a great view of Emily since she was front and center half the time :). I even sang Do You Wanna Build a Snowman with Hallie and Lydia. Man, it was good to talk to you all. It made me so happy, which I needed. 

I have a lot to be grateful for. I need to remember that. I also need to remember that the Lord is always there and answers prayers. I'm grateful for the tender mercies I experience every day. Thank you for your prayers and love. They mean the world to me and I know they help sustain me in my hard days. I'm grateful for the gospel in my life. I hope that I can become a better missionary everyday so that I can help others understand that this gospel is the way to true happiness. Everyday I try to trust more in my Savior. It's definitely a process but luckily I have 18 months and the rest of my life to figure it out.



Hermana Durham

Monday, May 5, 2014

The Voice


Happy Cinco de Mayo! I'm sure that all of your are eating tacos or did this past weekend for the ward's Cinco de Mayo party. I'll just tell you that tacos here are WAY better. I tried my first Tacos al Pastor off the street. I didn't get sick and it was so delicious. I wish I could eat them every day. But alas, the budget of a missionary doesn't allot for that. :)

Also, Mom reminded me that I hit 3 months in the mission today. Time is so weird here. I feel like I've been here for so much longer but at the same time, I don't. 

I swear Adelle is haunting me. I have never been told that I look like her before I came to Mexico. Also, the man sitting next to me at the ciber right now just asked me what 'Set Fire to the Rain' means in spanish. He is listening to all Adelle songs. I thought it was a joke. haha. And as he was leaving he tried to kiss me. But it's ok because we found out he has talked with missionaries before and he's basically our neighbor so we are going to go teach him this week. Sweet! Anyway, Adelle is haunting me. Also, 'The Call' by the Backstreet Boys is playing and it's cracking me up. Oh Mexico.

We visit a family of recent converts every week and I love them. This week they told me that # 1 I am looking skinny. Best compliment ever. Not sure if I actually am but it made me feel good. #2 They think I have the best voice ever. They told me that I need to audition for The Voice when I get home and that they would sell all of their goats and cows to vote for me. HAHAHA. 

It's only been one week since I've had a normal companionship and guess what? We got a call this morning with special changes. We are going to be in a trio at least for the next few days. Not quite sure what's going to happen but previously our ward had two sets of missionaries and I think we are only going to have one because our new companion is one of the sisters in the other companionship in our ward. Does that make sense? Anyway, We don't know what's going to happen but if I get changed away from Hermana Garcia, I'll probably have a breakdown. 

Which leads me to my next point. Aligning our will with the Lord. I was studying that the last few days in my personal study and realized that this is something I need to work on. The gospel of Jesus Christ is Faith, Repentance, Baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and Enduring to the we learn in Preach My Gospel. But why? What is the purpose? The purpose is to help up become like our Savior. That is what we are trying to do here in this life. What did the Savior do? He did many things...most notably he suffered and died for each one of us and three days later, He rose from the dead, overcoming both spiritual and physical death. But overall, what did He do? He did the will of His Father. If we want to become like Jesus Christ, we must align our will with God's will. And really, it is smart to do that because God knows exactly what is best for us. It may be hard, we will have to sacrifice, be uncomfortable, and endure, but we will also be much happier. We will become more like the Savior and more like the person the Lord wants us to become. We must also remember this is a life long pursuit but everything in the gospel is designed to help us realize our potential. 

The highlight of the week was yesterday in church, our convert Adrian got up and bore his testimony like a pro. He is really excited about the church and the ward has really rallied around him. So great. 

Now, to anyone who reads this email: If you've served a mission or if you haven't, I would like suggestions on creative ways to teach the lessons in Preach My Gospel. Any type of object lessons or anything that would keep someone's attention better or explain a concept more clearly. I feel like I have lost all of my creative abilities. Or if you have any recipes for things that don't require an oven, that would be cool, too. Ok thanks. 

I love you all. This gospel is true. 


Hermana Durham

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do


The worst thing happened this week. Changes. Hermana Martinec got transferred and now I'm stuck with just Hermana Garcia! HELP! Haha...just kidding. Well, I am serious about being sad that Hna. Martinec got changed. I really didn't like being in a trio in the MTC but it was really nice here. All three of us got along really well. I am really glad that I still have Hna. Garcia and I hope that I will start to progress even more. Being in a trio was awesome but a little hard as a new missionary because I didn't feel the need to talk since I had 2 comps who spoke Spanish really well. Now I will be forced to talk more which is scary but necessary.
First off--HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EASTON!!!!!! What the heck...16 years old?! I have a 16 year old nephew?! I feel really old. Probably  because I am. haha. I hope you had a great birthday. LOVE YOU!


Also, mom--I forgot to mention that I love the bag you sent in the package. It works great. 

I really love Mexico. I hope that I will only grow to love it more as I start to communicate and understand what is going on. One thing I LOVE is that everyone is so welcoming and friendly. They always say 'Estan in su casa' or you are in your house. I love that. I want to be more like that. Many of this people are so little but are so willing to share all they have. 

So I haven't had anything too weird to eat since being here. They weirdest has been this thing called Huanzontles. It's literally like a little tree and they put cheese in the middle and cook it with eggs on the outside of's hard to explain. We've had them twice but it's at a house where the family is never home and their house keeper cooks for us. She doesn't eat with us so I always make Hna. Garcia eat them for me. I don't know how that girl does it. Also, that pig leg thing that I ate last week definitely made me sick. 

We had this cute activity in the chapel on Saturday. The stake primary put it on and every ward in the stake had a presentation. It was all about temples and prophets. The little kids did the presentations and the missionaries were the guides. It was so cute to hear the little kids share what they know about temples or prophets. My favorite part was at the beginning, they asked a little boy to say the prayer and this is what he said: 'Dear Heavenly Father. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.' BEST PRAYER EVER. haha

Our convert Adrian came to church in a white shirt and tie. He received the priesthood this sunday. I felt like a proud mama. He hasn't ever worn a tie to church. I can just see him as a future missionary and it makes me excited. He also brought his girlfriend to church and wants her to start taking the missionary discussions. 

I heard that you all have ward conference this Sunday. So did we! It was really good. Our bishop talked about enduring to the end. He said that he and his family went to 6 Flags in Mexico City and they were going on this really big rollercoaster ride. He said it looked fun so they got in line. They got on the ride and it wasn't as fun as they thought. No one in his family enjoyed it. After the ride, they considered leaving because of that experience, but they had already paid for the tickets and had the rest of the day so they decided to stay. They ended up having a lot of fun! He talked about how often in the church, one thing is hard and we decided that the church isn't for us. We leave the park early because we get a calling that requires too much time or we are tired and think we deserve some rest or someone says something we don't like. But there is always more to do and better things to come. I needed to hear that.

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful week! I think about you often and pray for you. Thank you for your prayers. They are needed. 


Hermana Durham :)