Monday, May 19, 2014

Another Week In Iguala

Hello Beautiful Family,

I can't believe that it's only been a week since I talked to you last. It feels like forever ago. Both Hermana Hernadez and I are new to the area and we are opening the area we are in so we have been trying to get to know the members, find people to teach, etc. We share the ward with the zone leaders. The ward used to just have one set of missionaries so they split the area. The ZLs kept the part that they worked in most and we got the parts that they never worked in. :) So we have our work cut out for us. Everyone also tells us that it's dangerous here but I haven't felt unsafe don't worry, mom. Although yesterday I was wearing my arrow necklace (I FIXED IT, EMILY) which is fake gold and worth about $5 and Hna. Hernandez told me that I should take it off because it looked expensive. Ok. 

It really hasn't been as hot here the last few days compared to my first few days here. Don't's still hot and I sweat like crazy but I have been able to handle it. We are excited for the rains to start because it cools off more. 

This past week we had lots of help from members...especially the youth. 3 different days we were accompanied by young women from the ward and they helped us find houses of members and less actives. One of the girls kept telling me of all the RMs in the ward that I should marry. I think she thinks it's weird that I'm 25 and not married. Everyone asks if I left someone waiting for me at home. Yesterday at our food appt, the Hermano told me that I need to marry a Mexican and if not a Mexican, a Latino of some kind. Why does everyone want to get me married? Also, I have 15 more months on the mission so let's focus on that. Oh, and everyone assumes that since I am from Las Vegas, I am rich. Little do they know... Seriously, I get asked if I own casinos and stuff. I should just tell people I'm from Nevada. :)

We have a few investigators we are teaching. No one came to church this sunday which was a huge disappointment. One of the families we are teaching is so awesome. Their two youngest kids love me because I always play thumb wars with them. They were so pumped about coming to church and on Saturday we passed by their house and they were getting their clothes ready. We went by on Sunday and no one answered the door. We passed by all of our investigator's houses and no one came. WE stopped by the families house last night and I guess they didn't hear us knocking and don't have an alarm clock. So we are going to find one and make sure they come next Sunday

We really have a great ward here in Iguala. We are doing our best to help the ward grow. I do think my Spanish has improved since being here but I am far from fluent. I pray everyday that I will have patience with myself. On Saturday I hit 2 months in Mexico and had a reality check that I have only been here for 2 months. I guess I shouldn't expect myself to be fluent by now. 

I am grateful to be here on the mission. Everyday is a challenge trying to find the people who are prepared to hear this gospel, but I know that the Lord is really in charge.

I am so grateful for you all. I have the best family and friends. You all are a motivation to me. Thank you.

The gospel it true, people. Go and share it with someone who doesn't have it yet. It will change their life and yours.

Love you

Hermana Durham

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