Monday, July 6, 2015

Y Tu Companero?

Hello family!

This week was crazy. We were only in our area 1 full day but lots of good things happened. 

On Monday we headed out to Cuernavaca. We have consejo de liderazgo on Wednesday so we went to do divisions with sisters in Cuernavaca to take advantage of being there. We bought some things for our families in the center of Cuerna and spent the day enjoying the nice weather. 

On Tuesday we did divisions with Hna. Neuberger and Hna. Mejia. I went with Hna. Mejia this time and we went to visit one of their progressing investigators. He opened the door and I looked at his shirt and saw DURHAM on it! Haha. I think it must have come from North Carolina or something. It said DURHAM SCHOOL SERVICES. I took a picture with him, of course. He was so nice and he told me that he didn't know how to read before the sisters started visiting him, but since he started reading the Book of Mormon, he can read! Cool, huh?

On Wednesday we met President and Hermana Avila and their son Samuel. They are literally the coolest and I love them so much already! At the beginning of consejo, we were eating breakfast and they asked us if we had any questions and so we were just asking them about their lives. Of course I asked them how they met! I love hearing stories like that. President Avila is a convert and joined the church because Hna. Avila shared the gospel with him. It is a cute story and they are so cute together. Hna. Avila is literally an angel...she reminds me a lot of mom...just a sweet little loving mom. She gave us all hugs and was so excited to finally meet us. Our meeting was so good, too. They taught us about a new teaching style and how to teach with the spirit. I literally felt the spirit so strongly and learned so much. I am so excited to work with them for the short amount of time I have left. Also, their son Samuel is the cutest. He is 26 and has Down's Syndrome. They said that he always wanted to serve a mission, especially when his two brothers went on their missions. They never knew how they would help him serve a mission. When they got their call, they felt like it was a dream come true for Sammy because he would be able to be a missionary. He was soooo excited to get here and LOVES giving the Elders hugs.

We did divisions with another companionship of sisters because we had a zone conference in Cuernavaca on Friday and so after the consejo we went to Bello Horizonte to be with Hna. Moran and Hna. Canaan. They are awesome! We got SOAKED in the rain that day, though. We were on the way to the food and it just started POURING. Of course we didn't have umbrellas but even if we did, it wouldn't have made a difference. The Hermana that we ate with made us change our shirts and gave us new shirts to put on so we didn't get sick. haha. Hna. Moran and I went with a member to a few citas and when we passed by her house, she gave us sweaters and new socks and shoes to wear! Well, my shoes are plastic (gotta love crocs!) so she gave me some funny nylon socks that looked super ghetto but they worked! It was a fun adventure and good day. 

I really like doing divisions with the sisters. I always come out learning something new. We have some seriously awesome hermanas in our mission who have strong testimonies of the gospel. They inspire me to be a better missionary. 

We had our zone conference with President Avila and it was basically just a get to know you session like we did in consejo. The first question that was asked was "how did you meet?" we got the story again. It was so fun to get to know them. Hna. Avila said to me, "You are one of the missionaries leaving soon, right? I was looking at the pictures this morning and I got so sad to know that you are leaving so soon!!!" She is literally the nicest person. They showed us some pictures of their family and when they were in the MTC and then they showed a picture of them with President and Sister Kusch in the airport the day they got there. I saw the picture and started crying! I don't know what came over me, but I am just so grateful for them and all they did for me in the mission! And for my new President and Hna. I am super lucky. 

Well, we FINALLY got back to our area Friday night. It was good to be back. On Saturday, we obviously dressed in RED WHITE AND BLUE to celebrate the 4th of July. Saturday was a great day. We went to visit Taurino first thing to make sure that he was ready for his baptism! He was so excited to see us and had everything ready to be baptized! Oh, the little girl, Allison, had to postpone her baptism because her sister decided last minute to go to the temple to receive her endowment so she will be baptized next week. 

After we visited Taurino, we went to visit Max and when we got there his dad was there. We decided to ask his dad for permission so that Max could get baptized. And let me just tell you that he was one of the rudest human beings I have ever met. He flat out said that he didn't agree, that Max is only getting baptized for his girlfriend, that the church isn't true, that Max doesn't know anything and that he is a rebellious many things. It took EVERYTHING inside of me to not get angry. We bore our testimonies and Max also told his dad that he wants to do it. We were all crying because we love Max so much and we know he had pure intentions to be baptized and his dad just looked at us with his smug look on his face and said...No. I felt the spirit so strong and I thought that maybe he would feel it too and soften his heart, but no. We left feeling so sad. Max said, "Don't worry Hermanas, I will get baptized in 2 months when I turn 18 and I will send you the pictures." All I care about is if he gets baptized. 

We felt sad but then we went with Amada and Francisco and felt so much better. The change that we have seen in them has been tremendous. Seriously, when we first went to visit them, they were both very closed off and didn't want anything to do with us, but with a lot of patience and love and a whole lot of the spirit, they have gained testimonies of the gospel! We did the pre interview for their baptism and they did great. They are so ready to get baptized and will be baptized in two weeks. Also, their daughter, who was baptized 7 years ago and hasn't gone to church since her baptism...came to church on Sunday!! I don't know what we did, but they have all really opened up and Francisco told us that he is not thinking about ever missing church again...unless he is dying. haha. 

So the best part of Saturday was TAURINO'S BAPTISM! We heated up the water because he has arthritis and he told us we were going to kill him if the water was cold. haha. So we were filling up the font and not even half way through...the water runs out! ONLY IN MEXICO! So we had to fill the font with the water from the well underneath the ground and because it is rainy season, the water came out BROWN. :( just like Iguala. We were so sad and I went to apologize to Taurino and he said, "The river is dirty, too...and Jesus got baptized in the river! It's fine!" haha. I love Taurino. It was such a cool experience because he was a REFERENCE from a MEMBER! And the member was able to baptize him. The baptism went really well and Taurino was confirmed yesterday a member of the church. He is so much happier than when we first met him. He has a new light about him!

Yesterday we went to visit a family in the ward, Hno. Torres and his wife Susana. They are both members and have been members for 47 years! They are literally the best. They have a daughter who lives in Provo so Hna. Corriveau and I are going to visit her when we go to Utah in August. She is not married and Susana was cracking us up because she was telling us how she always asks her daughter, "¿Y tu compaƱero?!" (and your husband??) She is so concerned for her daughter because she is like 40 and isn't married. We loved hearing their story of their conversion and it was good to be with them. We hadn't ever visited them but they treated us like their own daughters. Hna. Susana told me that she thinks I am going to get married soon after I get home and Hna. Corriveau looked at her and said, "¿Y MI compaƱero?" and she just laughed. She also invited us to come back and visit her one day with our families because her house is literally HUGE but she said, "I expect to see you MARRIED, ok?" haha. 

Anyway, this week was good. I can't believe how fast time is flying and we are trying to enjoy every minute of the mission we have left. I hope you all have a great week! The church is true!


Hermana Durham

 I saw Hna. Hoffman for the first time in over a year!

Our generation! And this is only half of us!
Hna. Peterson!
Hna. Hoffman and Elder Montierth. Taking it back to the MTC days.

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