Monday, June 29, 2015

Achey Back but I'm Alive

I hope everyone had a great week. 

This week wasn't too crazy for Hna. Corriveau and I. We only did divisions once, but it was really awesome because I got to do divisions with HNA. GARCIA!! It was so fun to be with her again and teach together and see how much she has progressed since being with her. She also caught me up on all the news from Iguala and told me that Luis's son, Luis, was preparing to be baptized!! He is 9 and when we were teaching Luis (dad), he didn't really have much interest. To be honest, I think we were just so focused on helping Luis that we didn't spend too much time insisting with him. He didn't want to go to church but Luis always said that with time, he would want to go and well, he did! Apparently he got baptized this last Saturday! She also said that the sister of Luis is preparing to be baptized. We taught her RIGHT before I left Iguala, and I remember feeling like she was super golden and needed the gospel in her life. The spirit was so strong in the lesson with her but I was never able to see her again. But I felt so happy to know that the little seeds that I helped plant were blooming and that more people are joining the church. Luis is doing great and is the ward mission leader now! I am not sure if I mentioned that before. SO COOL!

Taurino was going to get baptized this week, but he still needed one more assistance in church. He didn't go last week because his watch stopped working and by the time he knew what time it was, he was late. He said, "It doesn't make sense to go if I miss the most important part!" referring to the sacrament. Well, can't argue with that. He did pass his interview for his baptism and he is very excited. He always called sins 'pescados' which actually means fishes. Pecado is the word for sin. He says, "when I leave the water, all my pescados will stay in the water and I will be clean!" It is sad though, because he lives alone and has a lot of sicknesses. He has really bad arthritis and other things wrong and he feels really bad about it...but we just explain to him that one day he will have a perfect body. He is awesome and we are excited for his baptism on Saturday. 

We also will have another baptism of a little girl on Saturday, too. Allison is a little girl of a less active family. Her mom is more active than her dad, but they have been having a lot of problems in the last year and she just recently turned 9. Since her family didn't really make her baptism a priority and the ward didn't do anything, either, we are taking it into our own hands and making sure she is baptized. We had mentioned it several times to the bishop and to the parents and they all just "kept forgetting" so now that she is nine, she is our responsibility. Sometimes, everyone here thinks the missionaries do everything...but whatever. She is a really cute girl and her sister actually just got a mission call to serve in Monterrey. We asked her how she felt about her baptism and she said...I'm just waiting! poor thing. But we are going to make it a special day for her and also for Tau Tau. 

Remember Amada and Francisco? Ok...Francisco is the one who is crazy with the Bible and he got baptized in the church but was never confirmed. We have been working with them for the last 2 1/2 months. Amada is literally the coolest. We love her. She totally knows that the church is true and she ALWAYS reads her Book of Mormon. I gave her my gospel principles book and she LOVES it and was telling me everything that she learned yesterday in church. We went to visit them this week and Francisco started saying something like the Book of Mormon was just the same as the Bible and so we explained yet again the Book of Mormon and what it is and how it ISN'T the same as the Bible, and I really don't know what happened but we asked him if he believed that it was a true book and he said yes. I wasn't sure if he heard correctly because he has trouble hearing so I asked him again, and again he said yes. I asked if he believed if the church was the true church and again he said yes. I asked him if he believes that Joseph Smith was a prophet and he said yes. I was in shock and I started to laugh! He asked me if I didn't believe him and I told him that I did and Amada was like, "She is just so shocked and happy!" Yep. I can't tell you how much time and effort we have put into teaching them. Amada has accepted really easily the gospel, but Francisco was being a stumbling block for her to progress because if he doesn't go to church, she doesn't go. But we finally had a breakthrough and they are both getting ready for their baptism. If it’s the last thing I do in Mexico...I am making sure they are baptized AND confirmed members of the church. Amada bought a subscription to the Liahona the other day and is literally so happy when she is at church. I love it. 

So about my back. Well, I ended up going to the doctor to get it checked out because it was hurting still and I was worried that something was wrong with the discs. We went to the hospital and took some x-rays and everything was fine with the spine (thank goodness) and the doctor said that it is muscle pain, so he prescribed me medicine and told me I should probably do physical therapy but I said...I have 5 weeks left...not gonna happen. He told me to limit the amount of walking and carry less in my bag and gave me some stretches to do to help relax and strengthen the muscles. I am mostly just taking ibuprofen and not carrying a lot in my bag. I am just grateful that nothing is wrong with my spine! Just keep praying for my back!

This week is going to be really weird! Today is President and Sister Kusch's last day on the mission. President and Sister Avila get here about 6pm. Hna. Corriveau and I will literally be in Cuernavaca all week. We have divisions tomorrow and then Wednesday we will have consejo and we will be able to meet President Avila! Then we are doing divisions on Thursday, and on Friday we have a zone conference in we packed a suitcase for the week! So crazy but it should be fun!!! 

I hope you all have a great week and a HAPPY 4th of JULY! We will be having 2 baptisms that day so it will be a good day for us, too!!! And I will definitely be wearing RED WHITE AND BLUE. 

Love you all!!

Hermana Durham

We made pie de limon! I will make it for you when I get home. It's super yummy!

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