Monday, June 8, 2015

A Squeeling Piglet

This week was really good. 

Last week, after we got done writing, we went to a Park in Cuernavaca called Chapultepec. It is really pretty with a lot of trees and animals of all kinds. We saw monkeys, ducks, birds, and snakes. We were walking around and we found a petting zoo section where we saw some little piglets. My companion got so excited and said that she wanted to hold one of the piglets. I was, I am NOT touching that, but if you want to...let's go! We paid 10 pesos and it was actually really good because we got to feed this cute little cow, some chivos, I held a cute little bunny and there were some BURROS! haha. The best part was that we literally spent 10 minutes trying to lure out this little piglet (the mama pig was HIDEOUS so we needed it to come out of the pen). I had the job of holding the bait and the camera to get ready to snap a picture. Hna. Corriveau grabbed the piglet and it started SQUEELING SO LOUD. She freaked out but not before I snapped a picture and got a video of it. I wish I could send videos but it wouldn't load. You'll just have to see it in 2 months. Literally one of the funniest things I ever saw. We took some more pictures and then went to Carl's Jr. Don't judge me. 

We were basically out of our area for 3 days because we went to Cuernavaca to do divisions on Monday night to Tuesday and then Wednesday we had consejo. Divisions went well, we did them with Hna. Neuberger and her new companion Hna. Mejia. They are kind of opening the area so we had fun getting a little lost, but Hna. Mejia and I found a family to teach that are super cool! 

I got the package mom sent me on Tuesday night. Thank you so much. I needed those hankies. And Hna. Corriveau wears her shirt every night to bed. :)

Wednesday was probably the best day ever. Remember when I told you I called President to get permission for the divisions we were going to do? And we talked about Thrifty? He basically hinted to me that we would be getting Thrifty Ice Cream after consejo and so when we got to consejo, he announced that after, we would ALL be going. I was so excited. The consejo was so good. Only President and Sister Kusch talked to us about improving our teaching skills and how we can use different ways to teach certain subjects. During one of the breaks we took, we cut President's tie...a tradition that we do when a missionary goes home. We each took a snip of it and then Hna. Kusch cut the whole thing off. We sang a verse of God Be with You til We Meet Again. At the end, they gave their testimonies and it was beautiful. We put together a little book of letters for them and I wrote a poem. I read them the poem at the end of the meeting and they cried. It was a Kylie Durham original so of course it made us laugh and cry. I will send a picture of it. 

I am going to miss them SOO much. We had a BBQ and while we were eating, I asked Hna. Kusch an inspired question..."How did you know that President Kusch was the one?" and that started the whole story of how they met and President got in on telling the story to make sure all the details were correct. They are the cutest and we were cracking up. 

Then we headed to THRIFTY where everyone ordered ice cream and it was so much fun. The Sister Training Leaders bought President and Sister Kusch the typical shirts from Mexico and I also gave them the shirts with my face on it and they thought they were so cool. I will get to see them one more time at Stake Conference next week and then I probably won't see them until October. I am so lucky to have had them as my mission president and wife. They are the greatest. 

We got home and only had a few days to work in our area, but KATYA got baptized!!! We had her baptismal service on Friday. She showed up a little late and I was a little worried, but it all went well. Her husband came to support her and she was so happy. She was confirmed on Sunday!

We are still working with our investigators that are progressing and trying to find new ones. Fabian is literally so great. We taught him on Friday after the baptism and he said, "Who wouldn't want to be in this church? Who wouldn't want to have the light that you have?" Every time we teach him, we feel the spirit and the sincerity that he has in finding the truth. 

Church was really good yesterday. The testimonies were super powerful. I really love being a member of the church. I have been studying the conference talks from this last conference and every time I read them, I KNOW that we have the true church. 

Here is a quote from President Packer's talk that I loved:

"I bear witness that Jesus is the Christ and the Son of the living God. He stands at the head of the Church. Through His Atonement and the power of the priesthood, families which are begun in mortality can be together through the eternities. The Atonement, which can reclaim each one of us, bears no scars. That means that no matter what we have done or where we have been or how something happened, if we truly repent, He has promised that He would atone. And when He atoned, that settled that. There are so many of us who are thrashing around, as it were, with feelings of guilt, not knowing quite how to escape. You escape by accepting the Atonement of Christ, and all that was heartache can turn to beauty and love and eternity.
I am so grateful for the blessings of the Lord Jesus Christ, for the power of procreation, for the power of redemption, for the Atonement—the Atonement which can wash clean every stain no matter how difficult or how long or how many times repeated. The Atonement can put you free again to move forward, cleanly and worthily, to pursue that path that you have chosen in life.
I bear witness that God lives, that Jesus is the Christ, that the Atonement is not a general thing that is for the whole Church. The Atonement is individual, and if you have something that is bothering you—sometimes so long ago you can hardly remember it—put the Atonement to work. It will clean it up, and you, as does He, will remember your sins no more. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen."
I know that is true. I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ saves lives. I know that Christ paid the price for us all to be happy and to be clean. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary during this time. I have never felt so much joy in my life as I have during these times on my mission where I have been able to help others come to realize that they are truly God's children. 

The church is true. And it's the ONLY true and living church on the earth. I love being a member of it. 

Love you all! Have a great week!!

Hermana Durham

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