Monday, June 15, 2015

Lulu and Nacho

Hello Family, 

Well, this week was filled with divisions, weird animals stories, sunburns, cool investigators and all the other normal missionary things that happen. 

So On Tuesday we had our zone meeting and Hna. Corriveau and I directed a bunch of role plays on how to teach better. It was good but it would have been better if the zone leaders had told us before we got there! haha. Luckily we are used to teaching on the spot and we had received the training from President and Sister Kusch at consejo. It was a good meeting though. I really like my zone. I have been blessed to have pretty good leaders throughout my whole mission. 

We went back to the house because they gave us a bunch of materials that we needed to drop off and my companion went back into the room and started screaming, "Hermana!!!! COME QUICK!!" I figured it was some kind of bug since, well, our house is full of little critters. I went back into the room and she pointed into the window. There is a little room with our boiler in it next to the two bedrooms in our house. It is outside but closed off. Like it has 4 walls and a door that opens up to one of the bedrooms in our house. The walls are really high and there is a little roof over it but a space between the wall and the roof. So I look through the window and what do I see? A HUGE IGUANA!!!!!!!!!! My companion has like a phobia of reptiles and was freaking out. I thought it was so hilarious. I mean, cockroaches, anys, cats, OF COURSE we would have an Iguana. We called out District Leader to ask if they were dangerous and he said that they are and that we should call an hermano in our ward to take it out. Well, I didn't feel in danger since it was closed into this little room and we needed to leave so we decided to just leave it and take care of it when we got back from divisions on Wednesday. 

Before we left the house, we used the bathroom and Hna. Corriveau was walking in and looked up into the window above the bathroom and screamed again...and we saw ANOTHER IGUANA!!! Hahaha. I was laughing so hard. So of course I took a bunch of videos and pictures and we named them...Nacho and Lulu. Then we headed out to work before going to Cuernavaca. 

We did divisions with two sisters who are going home in less than a week! They are awesome and inspired me because, although they have such little time, they were putting forth their best effort in finding people to bless and teach. We did an activity with their zone in the zocalo of Cuerna handing out copies of the Book of Mormon. It was a really cool experience. I will admit, at first I thought it was weird because just standing around handing things out is what the TJs do here, but Hna. Skinner and I took 18 copies of the Book of Mormon and started out walking to find people. We found several people who were genuinely interested in having a copy and we were able to get their addresses to give to other missionaries. I found that as I testified again and again of the truthfulness of that book, I felt a joy and a lightness of the many books I was carrying. We had said a prayer to find people who really wanted to hear the message. We found some that weren't so interested, but we found more that were happy to accept a copy and a visit in their home. I love the gospel and I LOVE THE BOOK OF MORMON. Seriously, it is the best book on earth and I am grateful for the power that it brings to my life. 

On Wednesday, we returned back home and the Iguanas were still there. So we called Hna. Oscar in our ward to come and help us! He came over with a friend and they grabbed the two Iguanas by their necks! Don't worry, I have it all on video and you can all watch it when you get home. It was so hilarious and we were sleeping a little more calmly knowing that we didn't have Jurassic Park happening in our boiler room. The crazy thing is that it was a male and female so I wonder if we would have left them in there for longer, they would have had babies! Who knows...

We had Stake Conference this weekend with Elder Villalobos from the 70. It was really good. I love Stake conferences, especially when general authorities come because they always say so many good things. The sad thing is that not everyone goes. BUT 4 of our investigators came which was totally a miracle because our area is FAR from the stake center. I was so happy to see them all. Gris is getting ready to be baptized this Friday and is so prepared. SHe didn't get baptized with Katya because she hadn't been attending church for a few months and even though she has attended many times before, we felt like she needed to attend a few more times before her baptism. She had her baby blessed on Sunday and is so ready. I love her a lot. 

We saw President and Sister Kusch for the last time here on the mission yesterday at Stake Conference. WE got a hug from PResident. He is literally the best. We were chatting with Sister Kusch for a little while and it was fun. I am excited to hang out with them after the mission. You know I will be going up to see them and eat delicious Mexican food. Also, we saw President in the hall right before we left and he said..."you two are the best. GROUP HUG!" And gave Hna. Corriveau and I a group hug. It was probably one of the best moments of my mission. President is literally the coolest guy ever. He is so down to earth and real. I have loved being under his supervision while here in Mexico. 

We are working hard. It is sometimes really hard to find new people being out of our area so much, but we have some awesome investigators that are really progressing. We are working hard here in Alpuyeca. It has been so hot and I got really burned this week, so I might need an appointment with the dermatologist when I get home to make sure I don't have skin cancer. Also, I sweat so bad. A member came with us the other day and she looked at me and was like...YOU SWEAT SO MUCH! Thanks for the I am mopping my sweat with a hankie. haha. But life is good. 

I love the gospel so much. I have been reading the General Conference talks over again and each time I read a new one, I am filled with gratitude that we have living prophets that guide us. I LOVE THE CHURCH! I am grateful for the spirit in our lives and I love the pure, simple truths that teach us all we need to know to return to our Heavenly Father's presence. 

I love you all. Have a great and happy week!


Hermana Durham

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