Monday, April 6, 2015

14 Months and Lots of Bugs

Well, I am just loving my life here in Alpuyeca. Except for a few things. It is really hot. Not as bad as Iguala, but I sweat so much it's really gross. Also, our house. Oh, our lovely house is so gross. Let's just say that...I need to start getting over my fear of cockroaches real fast because we find them everyday everywhere. I want to cry, but luckily my companion is an angel and kills them for me. And we have a slight bee problem and lots of ants...and it isn't because we don't clean. We are going to try and find a new house, but the pickins in Alpuyeca aren't very promising...

This many things happened! I love my companion so much and we have so much fun together and we are working hard and are seeing so many miracles here in this area. On Sunday, a menos activo came to church and brought her sister-in-law with her for the first time. We talked to her and challenged her to baptism and she was so excited and accepted! We went to visit her, and she had read the pamphlet we left her and the intro to the Book of Mormon and she was like, "I am reading a book called Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Is that ok?" We were, yes! Also, who are you and where can we find 10 more of you? We love her and she came to conference and really loves the church! We have also found a bunch of new people and have several progressing investigators. It will be a challenge because we will start doing divisions this week, so we won't be in our area very much BUT we are going to focus a lot on helping them progress. 

On Wednesday we had consejo de la mision and it was super awesome because we learned so much. I feel really grateful to be able to learn from President and Sister Kusch. President said something that made me a little teary eyed. He said to us, "the miracle of our mission is all of you." And I thought that was so sweet. I love being with them because you can really feel their love for us. 

Thursday was a great day. My companion is so hilarious and while we were planning the night before, she was telling me that we were going to eat with the ward mission leader and his wife and she said, "And...we are going to America." She thinks that our ward mission leader and his wife are secretly American because they look and dress and act like it. haha. And their house is SUPER nice. Also, that was the day that we went with Katya (the super escogija that is reading the teachings of Joseph Smith) and we found several people to teach. 

On Friday we had interviews with President. My LAST interview with him, which is super sad but it was really good. He gave me some advice about what I should do when I get home from the mission, and we talked about the progress in the area and with my companion. I can't believe that his mission is coming to a close, and I am sure that it will be so weird for him to go back home, but also a big relief. I can't imagine what it is like being a mission president and having to deal with so many problems. I also can't believe that MY mission is almost done, too. Well, 4 months to go, but that is like nothing.

We celebrated 14 months watching conference in English and it was the best. Honestly, I love conference so much and didn't want it to end. Some of my favorite talks were from Elder Clayton, Elder Uchtdorf, and Elder Nielson. But really all of the talks were the best. There was a LOT of talk about marriage and the plan of salvation. I loved the talk from Sister Burton about Fathers. I thought it was so needed and so beautiful. We need fathers and I can testify of that truth. 

I honestly love the church. It is so perfect. Hna. Corriveau and I went to conference with a few questions in mind, and during the course of the 4 sessions each one of our questions was answered. Isn't that the best? The gospel is for everyone, but so personal. I learned so many things and I am so excited to read the talks over again!

I love you all so much! Honestly, I am so happy to be here. Except for the cockroaches, but that is just a small detail. I am so blessed to be a missionary during this time. The church is true. That is all there is to it. 

I hope you all had a happy Easter and ate chocolate bunnies for me. My package hasn't arrived yet so my Easter was chocolate-less. Except we bought chocolate chip cookies to celebrate. Yay!

Love you all!

Hermana Durham

Me with the cows. Also, can you tell how much I am sweating, because it's a lot. 

14 months!!!!

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