Monday, April 20, 2015

Humpty Dumpty

Hello family. 

This week was weird. Mostly because we were out of our area for 3 days for divisions, but it was really fun to be with the other sisters!

Like I mentioned last week, we were in Cuautla doing divisions with 2 companionships and since it is really far away from our area, we did them both back to back. 

On Monday night we stayed with Hna. Garcia and Hna. Neuberger and it was so fun. I love Hna. Garcia so much. I obviously went with her for divisions on Tuesday, and it was awesome to be able to teach with her again. I told her that I was redeeming myself because when we were together I hardly spoke in the lessons. She told me that my Spanish is really good and that it was good when I got here but I just didn't give myself any credit. She might be right, but all I remember was that I cried all the time and didn't want to say anything. haha.I can't believe that she is going home so soon, but I told her to clean out a room in her house because I am moving in when I get back and we are going to be BFFs forever. :) 

On Tuesday night we stayed with the sisters in the other companionship. They are in a trio and their house beautiful. Hna. Corriveau and I didn't want to leave. It was huge and clean and had no cockroaches. It was so great and we slept like babies that night. The next day, I went with Hna. Zamora who was in Pradera with me for 5 months, and Hna. Corriveau went with the other two. It was fun being with her. She is also going home in 3 weeks with Hna. Garcia. I will tell you that it is super strange seeing all of your friends and old companions go home! It was really great to be with these sisters and I learned a lot from them. 

We returned home Wednesday night super exhausted but happy to find that we didn't have too many dead cockroaches in the house. I think the bug spray is really working well because we haven't seen too many since that horrible day and if we have, they are dead, which is so much better than being alive. 

On Thursday we planned and worked like normal. We have an investigator named Max and he is really awesome, but his parents...well, mostly his dad, likes to confuse him. When he is with us, he tells us that it all makes sense, that he wants to get baptized and everything but then the next time we go, he has all these doubts. We went on Thursday and helped him a lot, and then we went yesterday and he committed to praying to receive his answer if Joseph Smith was a true prophet and if President Monson is the prophet today. I really don't know why it is so hard to believe that there are prophets in this day and age. What a blessing it is to know that there is someone who can literally talk to God and help us! But we are having pacience with Max and I know that he will get baptized soon. Just pray for him!

Friday was the weirdest and worst day. I woke up early in the morning with stomach pains and couldn't really sleep. When we woke up for the day, I had diarrhea but's not that big of a deal. It was just weird because Hna. Corriveau didn't have any stomach problems and we ate the same things the day before. She was telling me that I should stay in, but I was feeling better and we left for the day to meet up with the RSP to do some visits with her. So I put on my trusty Crocs and we were walking down this hill where there is always water. I know that my Crocs are slippery so I am always very careful with water, but this time I stepped wrong on the little stream and humpty d

umpty had a great fall. My foot hurt so bad and I just sat there on the ground saying 'I hate my life' and Hna. Corriveau half laughing half worried told me, 'I told you you should have just stayed in the house!' So I got up but could hardly walk. Also, I fell on my other knee and got it all scraped up and had mud all over me. We...well, I, wobble to the church and the Relief Society President was there in her car (thank goodness). She was also a former mission president's wife, so she told me that I shouldn't walk on it for the day, put ice on it and rest. I called my district leader and he told me the same thing. We went to a few visits since we were in her car and then she bought us some roasted chicken and took us home. So I was in my bed all day with ice on my foot. It got really swollen and bruised and my knee is scraped up, but with rest and ibuprofen, the next day I could go out and work. I just walked a little slow and with a limp, but it's cool. I was so mad, though. I hate falling. Remember how I didn't learn how to ride a bike until I was 9 because I didn't want to fall? I have literally fallen down on the ground maybe like 4 times in my whole life. But to make myself feel better, I told my companion that maybe something bad was going to happen to us that day and that is why I was sick in the morning, and since that didn't keep me inside, I had to fall and twist my ankle! Whatever the reason, I was really bored and felt really stupid.

Saturday was a good day, though. We found another escogija! Her name is Gris and she has listened to the missionaries forever but never could get baptized because she isn't married to her husband! But guess what? She told us that she has plans to get married and wants to get baptized and raise her kids in the church! Woo hoo! So we may be having a double wedding with Katya and Gris (they are sister in laws...well, almost) and a double baptism! 

I gave a talk yesterday in church and talked about the importance of obedience. I used the talk by President Uchtdorf from last women's conference called Living the Gospel Joyfully! I love that talk. If you haven't read it, do it. I think it went well. I was thinking the other day that it is going to be really weird speaking in English all the time when I get home. Especially in church. It seems really awkward to talk in English. Hna. Corriveau and I were saying we are really grateful we don't have to say "Sister" because it sounds really weird. Hermana is way less weird to say. 

When we were confined to the house on Friday, Hna. Corriveau and I were talking about “Meet the Mormons” and about how happy we are to be Mormons. Literally, it is the best. I love being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The church is so cool and also SO TRUE! I am happy and have purpose to my life. I have challenges and problems, but my life is so much better with the gospel. I just love it. 

If you get a chance this week, I would like to challenge you all to think about why you are a member of the church. Why are you happy being a Mormon and then send it to me in a letter because that would make me happy. 

I love you all! Have a fantastic week!


Hermana Durham

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