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So guess what...I'm in Mexico. And missions are totally as hard as everyone said. The MTC should definitely be more of a boot camp to get you ready for all the hills you have to climb. Also, they tell you to look your best everyday. That's not happening in Mexico. Sorry..
But first, let's start from the beginning of the week. I arrived on Monday night after a full day of travel. I tried sleeping on the plane but yeah...that didn't happen. We were greeting by President and Hna. Kusch and their assistants at the airport. I gave Hna. Kusch a hug and almost started to cry. I was so happy to be there! FINALLY!

We took a bus to the mission offices where most of the Hermana's stayed. Guess who I met? Hermana Junca...the missionary I blog stalked faithfully before coming. She is friends with Brooklyn and we bonded over our mutual friend and the fact that I already knew all about her mission life. haha. She is super cool and told me that she knew who my trainer was and that it was a good thing. That definitely put my mind at ease. 

Tuesday, we hung around the offices for a while until it was time to go to the chapel for interviews and to find our where we were going. I met with President Kusch. I love him and Hna. Kusch so much. He was born not too far from where Pop was born and grew up in So Cal until he moved to No. Cal after they were married. I asked him if he was a Dodgers fan and he said 'You know....I am but when I moved to San Fran, it was easier to be a Giants fan.' That killed me a little inside. But he said that he still has Dodger blue in his vains and that the last thing they did before they moved to Idaho was go to a Dodgers game. We talked a little about the greatness of Vinn Scully and then he gave me my assignment. I was assigned to the Civac zone in the Cuauhnahuac B area (I think that is how you spell it) with Hermana Garcia. AND Hermana Martinec. Yes, I'm in a trio again. I almost laughed with President told me because I had prayed that I wouldn't be in a trio again and then took it back in my prayers because I knew that if I prayed for something not to happen, it would happen. And of course it did. I don't know if that makes sense but's a good thing. Both Hermanas are awesome and I have learned a lot from them already.

After we met, we headed back to our area, dropped my stuff off and headed to the chapel to meet with our mission leader. He didn't end up coming, but I got to meet some members who are awesome. Also, I started realizing that my spanish was super limited. I wanted to communicate with them and I couldn't say much. They were super nice and friendly, though. 

A little about my companions. Hermana Garcia is from Mapleton, UT and speaks fluent Spanish and English. I am so grateful for that. SERIOUSLY. She is awesome.  She is 22 so that is nice that she is a little older like me. She really knows how to be a missionary and I'm excited to learn more from her. Hermana Martinec is 19 and from LAS VEGAS just like me. I think there are 4 missionaries from Vegas here in the mission. She is cool and is finishing her training with Hna. Garcia. She has been here for 6 weeks. She is from the Sunrise area. 

The next day we hit the ground running. It's a little bit of a blur what happened in the last week. I honestly feel like the MTC was a year ago but it was only a week ago that left. I heard 'Guerita' many times that first day. I'm glad Amada told me what that meant before I got here! 

I'm sure mom is dying to know about my living conditions. haha.. I got lucky. I hear my house is probably one of the nicest in the whole mission. And it is very nice. I have yet to encounter a cockroach in the house. We have some ants but they are small so whatever. I have a toilet seat and a shower door. Yeah, I'm living the good life over here. I also haven't had diarrea yet! Just in case you were wondering. I haven't had anything weird and the first thing Hma Kusch gave us when we got on the bus on Monday night was a package of pepto-bismal that we were suppose to take every morning for the first week. I have been diligent in that effort so hopefully my insides will be happy. But I also know that it's only a matter of time...

Also, it is so hot. This is their 'summer' here and I sweat SO MUCH EVERYDAY. I wish I brought more shirts I can wear without undershirts. If anyone finds shirts like that, could you please send them to Mexico for me? Thanks. Just kidding...but seriously. It's hot and we walk everywhere. Don't worry, mom...I wear sunscreen everyday. I have started to see a slight different in shade of pale on my arms, though. That is exciting. Maybe I will be tan in 18 months. I'm highly doubting that but a girl can dream...

We are fed by the members. I am in a ward and we have another set of sisters in the ward, too. It{s a pretty big area so it's split. I've been in some pretty humble houses and I've also been in some pretty nice house. We have a good mix of both.

About our investigators. We have a few progressing but it's really hard to get them to church. The only investigator that came to church yesterday doesn't want to accept a baptismal date. We are working on it. I've helped in teaching some parts of the lessons and it's always very basic and simple. Man, learning a new language is frustrating. We found a two families on Saturday and are hoping they keep progressing because we know this gospel will bless their lives.

I think yesterday was the hardest day for me so far. At church, I really wanted to talk with the members, understand what they were saying, etc. but I felt incapable of doing that. My Spanish is so limited. I know I've only been here for a week, but I feel like I should be able to speak fluently (I understand that is crazy). During consejo del barrio, they asked that I introduce myself. I went after the other two new missionaries in the ward and they are both fluent spanish speakers. So I somehow choked out 'Hola, Soy Hermana Durham. Soy de Las Vegas. No hablo espaƱol muy bien pero estoy tratando' without crying (which I was close to doing all day). During our lesson with the family who fed us comida that day, I started crying when I was trying to expain that Dios es nuestro Padre Celestial (God is our Heavenly Father). I hope I played if off as though I was feeling the spirit but I'm not quite sure I did. I was feeling so bad about myself! I have explained that concept before but for some reason I was just feeling self-conscious.We were walking to our next appointment and my feet were hurting and so was my ego. I was crying walking behind my companions thinking, 'what am I doing here. I have no idea how to be a missionary...especially speaking spanish' We went to have a noche de hogar (family home evening) with a family in our ward and a menos activo. I was so worried about my Spanish but they were so helpful and loving. I gave a spiritual thought and again I started to cry. This time it was a little bit because of frustration but also gratitude for this family who was so accepting and helpful. The mom, Silvia, is amazing and told me that her house was my house and that she will be my 'mama' here and gave me this big hug that made me feel so much better. Her daughter is a RM and is super awesome. Her boyfriend just got baptized and one of the missionaries that taught him was Hna. Marx...Brad's cousin. I haven't met her yet and she probably doesn't know I exist but I feel like I have a connection with her. Haha. 

Anyway, I love Mexico. It is certainly different than what I'm used to in America, but the people are great. I'm trying really hard to not think so much about how bad my feet hurt (by the thighs better be huge and muscular after this because I'm literally climbing mountains...maybe more like big hills, every day.) and more about what the Lord wants for these people. He loves them and I can feel that. I already love them so much.

THis gospel is true. I most definitely would NOT be here doing what I'm doing every day if I didn't know that with all my heart. There is no way. But this is the work of the Lord. He wants all of His children to return to live Him. It's not easy, this is hard work. Not just being a missionary, but being a member of the church. But if we keep moving forward every day with faith and hope, we will see miracles.

I love you all!! Thanks for all the support. I can feel your prayers. I hope you can feel mine. 

Con amor,

Hermana Kylie:) 

The only picture I took this and my trainer, Hna. Garcia. Also, the last day I wore real make up. haha

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