Monday, May 25, 2015

The Cat Jumped Over the Wall...

Hello Family!

This week was great. I know I say this every week, but the weeks are going by faster and faster. Also, I had a scary revelation this morning. Yesterday, we ate lasagna for dinner (it was delicious) but this morning, both my comp and I were a little sick. My companion says that it might be because we are not used to American food anymore. Is that true?! Will I really have to get used to the food again? I hope not. But nothing is going to stop me from eating that Beef Stroganoff when I get home. :)

This week we only did divisions once with Hna. Moran and Hna. Guzman in Cuerna. I went with Hna. Guzman. She is from the DR and her accent is so different! I am so glad that I am serving in Mexico because the accent here is normal. We had a good day with them and I liked getting to know her and her companion better. Hna. Guzman was great at testifying at every chance she had. 

The highlight of the week was my last zone conference of my mission! We had it on Friday and it was so much fun. We did it with zona Iguala so I got to see mis hijas!! They are doing great and really working hard in good old Iguala. We did skits and they were...well, super awkward like always. I had to dress up like Hna. Kusch and Hna. Corriveau dressed up like one of the sisters that works in the office and it was so funny. But the actual skit was super dumb and no one knew their lines so I just felt uncomfortable. Luckily, we got it out of the way in the beginning and we could forget about it the rest of the day. haha

The conference was so good, like usual. We were taught about the Book of Mormon and the importance of using it in our teaching. The assistants did a training and had us do a role play and GUESS WHO THEY PICKED TO TEACH PRESIDENT KUSCH! Me and my companion. I was so scared. Not that I don't know how to teach, but in front of everyone teaching President is different. But they said we did a good job. At the end, President and Sister Kusch shared pictures from their mission and reflected on their time here. President also showed us pictures from when he was a missionary and when he had more hair! haha. It was so cute, but made me a little sad because they are leaving so soon. But I know that I will see them again after the mission. In fact, they told us that they will be having a reunion in October before conference. Woo hoo. The whole time they were speaking, I just kept thinking, "I am so glad I was a missionary at this time and in this place. I know that they needed to be my mission presidents." It is really crazy how things work out, but I know that the Lord truly directs his work and he puts his missionaries not only in the right mission, but with the right mission president. They gave us each a little tile that says, "Adelante Con Valor!" which is the mission theme. Our zone made a little book with letters for them and gave it to them at the end.

This week was good. We are working with some investigators that are really progressing. 

You might be able to tell that I am getting less enthusiastic about writing. hahah...

I will tell you two funny stories though. 

On Saturday morning, while we were exercising, we heard what sounded like a big cat with cats. You know how cats scream? Anyway, it was weird but I forgot about it until I walked outside to get the bucket for my shower and I see a white cat JUMPING so high trying to get out of our house. Just so you know, we live behind a big wall with a huge gate/door thing called a porton and the cat somehow got over the wall but couldn't get out. I took a video of it because it was hilarious. We named it Maria Guadalupe and eventually let it out the porton. It was just funny and we came to the conclusion that the neighbor must have thrown it over the wall because we also have pieces of glass on the top of our wall (haha...that is the security system here) and so we think someone had to have thrown it over! 

Also, we were eating at a restaurant place on Saturday with a member of our ward for the comida. We were talking about the second coming and the importance of being prepared because he had read the lesson for gospel principles for the next day. We started eating and minding our own business when this creepy man with a beard interrupts us and says, "Excuse me...I have a question. Who is the beast?" And we were like, WHAT? Long story short, this crazy man basically told us that he is an apostle and that Christ has already had his 2nd coming and all sorts of weird things. We just testified and left as soon as possible. When we left, Hna. Corriveau was mad and we were just feeling annoyed at people in general. We headed to a cita with our investigator Taurino. Taurino is an old man who has really bad arthritis and knees so he doesn't work or anything. The JWs were visiting him but not anymore. He isn't the most learned man, but he is really nice. In the end of the lesson, we invited him to pray and he told us that he couldn't because he doesn't know how. We explained how and encouraged him to do it. He decided that he would and we bowed our heads and he said, "Padre Celestial. Te doy gracias por mandarme las g├╝eritas. En el nombre de Jesucristo. Amen." (Heavenly Father. Thank you for sending me these white girls. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen." It was the shortest but most sincere prayer I had heard and I will tell you, we entered into the lesson feeling a little bugged but when he said that prayer, my heart was filled with the spirit and I wanted to cry. It sounds silly, but it was a little tender mercy of the Lord. 

I really love this gospel. It really is so simple and perfect. I am grateful for the spirit that can testify to the hearts of the people and help us feel the love of our Savior. 

I hope you all have a great week. 

Hermana Durham

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