Monday, May 4, 2015

"Home Means Nevada To Me!"

Helllooooo there. 

Another week literally flew by and tomorrow we are celebrating our 15 month anniversary in the mission. I never thought I would make it this far. Also, today we found an ant colony in our house. Don't worry, we destroyed them with permetrin. 

This week was a good week. We met an awesome investigator named Moises who had gone to church several times before, but works a ton and isn't always in town so the missionaries lost contact with him. We called him up and it turned out that he was in Alpuyeca, so we had a lesson with him and he accepted a baptismal date. He is awesome but it will be a challenge to teach him since he is always traveling. He did tell us that in about a month he will be working less because he is going to start going to school. 

We did divisions again this week. Hna. Corriveau and I are over 9 companionships that are in 3 different zones! So we travel a lot! On Tuesday night we arrived to do divisions in Civac with Hna. Stephenson and Hna. Melendez. Hna. Stephenson is new in the mission and she is awesome! She is 24 and thought she was so old until I revealed my age. haha. I was able to go with her on divisions and she talked a bunch, and I told her that when I had 4 weeks in the field, I hated contacting people. Her Spanish isn't perfect but she puts it out there and I love it! She told me that she decided in the MTC that she wasn't going to be the quiet, shy missionary because God called her to use her personality and talents. I told her that it took me a little longer to realize that. She is awesome. I really love getting to know these sisters. Also, Hna. Melendez is from Durango and she said that she knows a lot of the areas where Pop served. She also is basically fluent in English. I am mad at myself because I didn't get a picture with them! But we will probably see them tomorrow so I will try and snap one with them. 

We got back to our area on Wednesday and went straight to an activity where they showed "Meet the Mormons." I love that movie and hope everyone in the world can see it one day. I also am obsessed with the David Archuletta song at the end. He is the best. 

We also did divisions with Hna. Fernelius and Hna. Quirk. I finally got to talk to Hna. Quirk and tell her THANK YOU for finding the familia Pintor! She was the missionary in La Pradera before me and I love her. She is sooooooo hilarious. Also, she is from Nevada and so is Hna. Fernelius, so we may or may not have sung "Home Means Nevada To Me!" I love those two sisters, and Hna. Quirk told me that I am her favorite missionary because I baptized her favorite investigators. We have a special bond. 

There is a couple in our ward that we love. The Bocanegras. They are literally sooooo faithful and the best. Whenever Hno. Bocanegra talks, I just feel love. He got up and bore his testimony and gave the ward a little smack down but with so much love and I wanted to stand up and applaude after. One of the sisters that went before him said that the Bishop and the Relief Society president don't know everything that is going on in the ward with the members so that is why we need to do our visits. He gets up and he said, 'Why doesn't the bishop know everything that is going on? It is because we aren't working. We are not visiting. And our Heavenly Father is not very happy about it. We need to work. Hay que trabajar.' it sounds fuerte but just imagine it said in such a soft, loving voice. Also, Hno. Bocanegra CAN say those things because he actually does his visits. Him and his wife go and visit people every week without assignments. They have been members forever and all of their kids are basically inactive but they keep going and keep working on being faithful. He also said something that I really liked. He talked about how he was practicing singing something (I don't remember for what) and his grandkid told him that he also wanted to sing with him. He said, 'Hermanos, depende en que cantemos,' and talked about the example we put forth for our kids and other people. It depends on what we sing. I just love him and his wife. They are the best. 

This week, we are going to be doing more traveling. We will be in Civac and then Cuernavaca. I literally can't believe that this change is almost over! 

I love this work and this gospel. I wish everyone knew about it because it is literally the best thing ever. Keep working. Hay que trabajar!!!! Visit people, help people, be friendly and nice! Be good and things will work out. Remember...depende en que cantemos, so be good examples and people will want to know what is different about us. 

I love you all. 

Hermana Durham

I didn't really take pictures this week...but this is Hna. Quirk and she is hilarious.

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