Monday, May 11, 2015

Long Time No See

Oh hey there beautiful family,

Did you just love how all the people in the ciber yesterday were creeping on our skype date? haha. They probably thought you all were famous people. I am so happy I was able to talk to you and it is so weird to me that in 3 months I will actually see you in PERSON! WHAT?! I need to hold my little babies Easton and Parker even though they are totally old now. Someone needs to have another baby soon.

This week FLEW BY. We left on Monday to Cuernavaca because we had divisions with a companionship in Civac. And guess what? Hna. Garcia (my trainer) had special changes a week before and was sent to the ONE AREA we hadn't done divisions with. It was a miracle and I told her that obviously Heavenly Father loves us because I got to see her twice before she left. She is going home today. SOOOO weird to think that. So is Hna. Ward! Man, I love those girls and I can't wait to see them after the mission. 

After divisions, we headed on over to the offices because we had consejo de liderazgo on Wednesday. We stayed with the sisters in Pradera and it was weird being back in my old stomping grounds! I got the package from got here real fast and I really enjoyed those Dove Chocolates. And those awesome pens. All the Elders were super jealous. Oh the things that missionaries get excited about...erasable pens. 

Consejo was awesome. Hna. Corriveau and I were soooo scared we were going to get split up because we have the same time in the mission BUT WE DIDN'T! Literally Hna. Corriveau had trouble sleeping because she was so nervous about changes, but we are still Alpuyeca. I am so happy. 

On Friday we had to drop Max. I am so sad, but he just wasn't progressing. He wouldn't ask his parents for permission and still had a lot of doubts. It was really hard but that is part of the mission. Our time is so limited, especially us since we are traveling twice a week doing divisions. We love Max and hope that he keeps coming to church and that he can make the decision he needs to make. 

But we did find an awesome family! All of our citas fell that night and we were walking to visit a menos activa and we decided to buy some shaved ice because it is hot and we were tired. We started chatting with this family and it turns out that 2 years ago they assisted the church but never got baptized. They said they just stopped going because of laziness but they really liked it! Sweet. And they even came to church this Sunday! We are really hoping they are los escogidos we have been looking for!!

Well, Sunday was obviously the best because we saw each other. I love you all so much and I am so grateful to have the best family ever. You all keep me real and are paying for our date to get pedicures, right? :) 

I love you all. I know this church is true.

Hermana Durham

Reunited after so long! Always carrying Hna. Garcia.
We completed 15 months! What the heck?!

I saw Hna. Hellstern!!!! She was in the offices when we had consejo! I love that girl. 

Hna. Hernandez has changes. I will miss this girl. 

My eyes looked real good yesterday. Don't know why I made that face, but the eyes look good so that's what counts. 

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