Monday, March 2, 2015

You are Never Going to Believe This

Ok, it's not that dramatic but seriously. 

So on Tuesday we got to watch Meet the Mormons!! It was awesome and it made me kind of miss being in America but that's ok. I love Mexico, too. It was awesome because President and Sister Kusch came down to Iguala to watch it with us and we got to bring treats...almost like in the movie theater...except not really. But really, I liked it a lot and I am excited that it is here in Mexico. I hope that a lot of people go and see it and realize that we are not as weird as they think we are. Only just a little bit. 

Before the movie started, I was talking to one of the sisters in my zone and President asked if he could talk to me. He said, 'How would you feel about training another new missionary?' and I asked him, 'When? Next change?' and he said, ' week!' What? There is a new American sister coming in early because apparently she is advanced in her Spanish and so she is coming in the middle of the change. I kind of smiled and said, 'If you want me to do it, I will be happy to.' haha. I am not a huge fan of trios but I am also looking forward to having another new missionary. I have enjoyed training my companion right now and think it will be a challenge since I am sure she isn't totally fluent in Spanish yet, but it will be really good for all three of us. It will only be for the next 4 weeks because we are 2 weeks into this change and then I will finish the training with just her. 

SO that is why I am writing right now, because we are going to Cuernavaca this afternoon to get her and bring her to her new home here in Iguala! haha. Pobrecita, she gets to experience the hills and the HEAT that is starting to get really unbearable, but it'll be good for her! :) 

This week was a good week. Pretty normal, nothing exciting really happened, besides what I just wrote. We are working hard on helping our investigators progress and helping the members here strengthen their testimonies. 

We are still working with Luis. He hasn't smoked for a whole week! We were so excited to hear that. But he still doesn't have a testimony that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that this is the only true church. We taught him the restoration lesson again and committed him to pray specifically about what we taught him. We are hoping that he receives his answer soon!

We have a new Relief Society President in our ward and she is really worried about the lack of visiting teaching that is happening (or not happening) in the ward. She gave a good lesson about why we do visiting teaching, and I have been thinking about the 'why' of the gospel lately and I had a thought that really helped me understand why we do all we do here in the church. 

Do you think that the Lord asks us to keep certain commandments or have certain callings just to help us in this life? I was reading about the millennium in the Gospel Principles book and it says that during the millennium we will still be involved in doing the work of salvation, specifically the work in the temple and missionary work. Interesting. So then I started to think, if we are going to be doing this work during the millennium, then we need to learn how to do it now. I don't want to be unuseful during that time.

But even more than that, we do all that we do in the church so that we can become more like our Father in Heaven and one day be able to live with him again. Do you really think that we will feel comfortable in his presence if we aren't doing all that we can now to help build up the kingdom of Heaven? He has given us this time to prepare us...for what? For eternal life. And what happens when we have a test and we don't do all that we can to study and prepare for it? We don't pass...or we don't score as high as we could have. 

My companion uses an example to teach the 3 degrees of glory that I really like. She compares each degree of glory to a, silver, or bronze. And she uses this question...does a coach of an olympic athlete train his athlete to win the silver or bronze? Obviously not! He trains his athlete so that he will be able to win the gold. He gives him all the practices and training so that he will have the skills necessary to win the gold. Just like the coach, our Heavenly Father has given us EVERYTHING we need in order to win the gold...or live in the celestial kingdom with Him and with our families. These things are the prophets, the scriptures, family history, the sacrament, prayer, all the programs and activities in the church and so many other things. And above all, He gave us His son, Jesus Christ, to make up the difference when we fall short. But if we don't put in our effort, we won't be prepared to live with Him. And it won't be because He doesn't love us or want us to be with Him, it will be because we don't feel comfortable to be in His presence. We didn't prepare ourselves. 

The things that are required of us in the church shouldn't be an option to do when we have time. Because I will tell you now, you will never 'have time' if you don't make the time. We shouldn't form the church to our lives, but form our lives to the church. Why? Because it was formed by our Savior and He is the only way to make it back to live with our Heavenly Father. 

We aren't perfect. Thank goodness for repentance! We won't be able to do everything like we should or want to do, but if we do our best and listen to the counsel of the prophets, we will be prepared. We will be happy in this life and in the life to come. Our Savior will make up the difference and plead our case because we have tried our best to follow Him. 

I love you all so much. Thank you for your love and support and prayers. 

Love you so much!

Hermana Durham

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