Monday, March 30, 2015

Changey Changes

Hello my family. 

This week was so weird. And it all started with a dog bite. Don't worry, the dog didn't actually break through my skin, but on Tuesday my companions and I were walking down the street contacting this lady and all of a sudden this freaky dog jumps through the gate in his house and snaps at my hand. I naturally screamed, and I think I freaked out the lady we were contacting, but it's all good. It left a good bruise but I think I'll live. 

We were scheduled to go to Cuernavaca on Wednesday for our visas. I had been scheduled about 3 times before and each time the trip was cancelled for one reason or another. I was sure we would be going, but I called the secretary, Elder Jensen, and he was like, 'You are going to hate me...but you actually can't come in tomorrow." He knows I don't love it when they change travel plans last minute. He said something like, "President said there will be a few changes happening and that no one can come into the offices tomorrow. But you'll understand soon." I was a little suspicious at that point but tried not to worry about it. 

So when I was in Cuernavaca with Hna. Skonnard a few weeks ago, we were talking to President and I mentioned that we were thinking of investing in a Sam's club membership since there is one in my area in Iguala. I was like, "President, can you just tell me if I will be staying in my area for a while because we need to know if it is worth it!" He just smiled and changed the subject. 

Ok, so on Wednesday I was in a lesson and we got a call from President. I answered and he said, "Hna. Durham, I have a really important question for you." I am thinking...uhhhhh.... and he says, "Did you buy the Sam's card with your companion?" I told him no and he said that that was a wise choice because I would not be in my area on Monday. He told me that I would be a new Sister Training Leader in a different area. I will be honest, I didn't know what to say! Thank you? haha Well, I did tell him thank you and that I was really excited! He told me that my companion would be Hna. Corriveau, and I got even more excited because she is awesome. She is from my generation and was actually the first person that I met at the MTC. She sat next to me on the bus to the west campus and I thought she was really cool. She is 22 and from Illinois and was studying at BYU before the mission. I went back to the lesson and when we finished, I told Hna. Skonnard (we were on divisions) and she was super excited, but also really sad because I would be leaving her. We met back up with Hna. Garcia and I told her the news and that she would be finishing the training of Hna. Skonnard. She was a little worried since she just finished her training herself, but she will be awesome!

Well, I thought I had until Sunday to pack and say goodbye to everyone in Iguala, but they called me later that night on Wednesday and told me that I would be going the NEXT DAY and that I needed to bring all my stuff because the companion of Hna. Corriveau was ending her mission and we had a training meeting on Friday. I was so sad because I wouldn't have time to say goodbye to everyone. I called a few members to say goodbye, and they ended up coming to the bus station to say goodbye to me. 

I packed up Thursday, and it was hard to say goodbye to the lady we lived with. We actually ate with her that day so it was perfect. I love her and her family and I will miss them so much. Hna. Dany and Hna. Dessy (the twins that always go out on visits with us) came and brought me some cards and presents. It was so cute. Hna. Josefina and Hna. Bringas both came, too. I love IGUALA! I will miss everyone there. We had thought that both of my companions would be coming to Cuernavaca with me because Hna. Garcia had a training meeting for new trainers and we figured that she would need to have a companion on the way home, so Hna. Skonnard had packed her bags, but at the last minute she didn't have a ticket, and they told us that she would be staying with another companionship. She literally looked at me and burst into tears and gave me a big hug. She thought she had one more day with me at least, but she was ripped away from me. It was crazy, but it will all be fine. 

On Friday, I went to a training meeting with all of the leaders in the mission. I met Hna. Corriveau and she was so relieved to finally know who her companion was going to be! She is seriously so cool and I am so excited to be with her. Our meeting was AWESOME. I learned so much. President taught us about the priesthood and we were asking so many questions and I wrote down so many notes! 

Saturday, we got to our area and then headed back to the offices to take Hna. Lopez (Hna. Corriveau's old companion) since she is ending her mission. It is so crazy to think that in 4 months that will be us. We said our goodbyes and then headed back to the area again. We worked for a little bit and then went to the women's conference which was good! 

My area here is awesome. It is HUGE and more rural then my other areas, but it is an area of miracles. We have already seen so many miracles and I love this ward already. Of course, there will be challenges, but Hna. Corriveau and I are so excited to work here. On Sunday we had 8 people in church and we found a bunch of new people to teach! I would write about our investigators but I don't really know them yet. We will get there. 

I am super excited for this new responsibility that I have been given. I know that I will end up learning so much from the other sisters. I am hoping Hna. Corriveau and I will just end our missions together here.

I love this gospel and truly love that we are guided by continuing revelation. I was thinking about it the other night. It was so perfect that I was here in this mission at this time, that I have the mission president that I have and the companions that I have had and have now. I know the Lord is guiding my life and if I pay attention to the impressions of the spirit, I will never go astray. 

I love the church. I know it is true. I am SO excited for conference and to receive more guidance and inspiration. I hope you all watch it!

Love you!!!

Love, Hermana Durham 

From DurPIG comes DurHAM. This is Peppa. I love my area.

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