Monday, August 11, 2014

Kneeling To Pray Can Save Your Life


What has even happened this past week. I feel like I have been here for over a month...nope. 1 week.

This week was full of trying to find our investigators, looking for old investigators that might have potential to progress and trying not to get lost. We have a HUGE area...and we know probably like 5% of it right now. But we are learning and will get there eventually...or I will get changed to another area. haha. 

First off, we have a family that we are teaching...I think I mentioned them last week. Familia Pintor. Tomas is the dad and his son is Edgar. If all goes according to plan, they will both be baptized this Saturday! They are so awesome. Tomas loves learning about the church and is so excited to have a calling and really contribute. I gave a talk yesterday and he was day I'll give a talk, too! Edgar is married to Helen and Tomas is married to Fabiola. Fabiola and Helen have baptismal dates in a few weeks and we are thinking that Tomas can baptize his wife and that Edgar can baptize his wife. How cool will that be?! 

We were teaching them the other day and my companion suggested that we kneel to pray at the end of the lesson. We all kneeled down and RIGHT AFTER I kneeled, a huge cockroach fell from the roof RIGHT WHERE I WAS SITTING! I am not kidding...I could have died. I could have died. I told my companion later that her idea was inspired. Prayer can save lives, people. :)

We went looking for a family that used to be investigators of the sisters but their 15 year old daughter had cancer and they were always out of town for her treatments so they couldn't come to church much. We decided to pass by and meet them to see if we could do anything to help. We got there and the dad told us that Angelica, his daughter, died a week before and that we could come in and say a prayer with them. We walked into their house and they had a room with pictures of her and flowers. We decided to sing Families Can Be Together Forever. It was a miracle that I didn't cry while we were singing the song, but after the prayer, I lost it and began to cry while I was telling them that they would be able to see their daughter again some day. The dad was so calm and handed me some tissue. The spirit was so strong as we explained a little bit of the plan of salvation. I was so grateful for that knowledge and the blessing of the temple. That in the temple, we can be sealed for time and all eternity and be with our families forever. We are going to go back to see them again this week. 

We also found some new people to teach and are working hard to try and find new people every day. I wish we had a car or someway to get around faster than the buses because it wastes so much time traveling and we want to get to know our area more, but i know that all will work out and that we will find the people who are waiting to hear our message. We are going to see if it is possible to change houses and live in our area. I have no idea why we live where we live but we are going to work on it. 

We gave talks in church on Sunday and I recycled my talk from Iguala since no one here heard it before. :) 

I hit 6 months in the mission this week. What the heck! Where has the time gone. Although we have no money, we splurged and bought a lemon cake at the grocery store and celebrated. Hna. Ward made me a sign and she also made me cut a sock...I don't know why but it was fun. Also, our house has the virgin mary everywhere. Our keys have a key change with her on it, too. I think they belong to the landlord so we can't really take them down so we covered them up with a picutre of Jesus and an I'm a Mormon magnet. You can see the pictures attached. 

I have to tell you all that the mission is the weirdest thing ever. But also the best. Everyday I talk with random strangers in a different country and different language and try to help them change their lives. We meet so many different kinds of people (for example I met a witch this week...awkward....) many of whom don't have any desire to talk with us. It can be discouraging, it definitely is tiring and some days are just hard. But then there are times where we actually find people who are prepared or searching for the truth,and it makes it all worth it. There is no doubt in my mind that the Lord is directing this work. We are trying our best to do all that we can but there is no way we can do it alone. This is the work of the Lord. 

I love you all. Keep praying for me because I need it. :) I will keep praying for you. Have fun at the Dodger game this weekend...I almost cried reading that you are all going down there. Eat a Dodger Dog, chocolate malt and Tito's Tacos for me. Love you!

Love, Hermana Durham

our splurge for the week

If you are wondering, yes...I always look that beautiful after the day is over.

Confusion...haha...the magnet goes over the virgin. :)

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