Monday, June 16, 2014

I Can Do Hard Things... If I Have a Tortilla

Hello everyone!!

Last week we had our Zone meeting and I finally got my package, mom!! Also, I got a BILLION letters and pretty much half of them were from Sister Seegmiller! THANK YOU JOYCE! Everyone was giving me a hard time because I had so much mail. I just told them it's because I have 5 boyfriends writing me. Duh. 

But seriously, my package was perfect. I finally have my beloved Cetafil so hopefully my acne will start going away. Yes, I have acne now. Not much, but more than I ever have. I've really hit some new lows as far as my appearance goes on the mission. My makeup routine consists of...mascara. That's it. I sweat everything else off so it's all good. The hankies are much appreciated, mom. I am using them to their fullest potential. And I love all the shirts you sent. How did you find them? I couldn't find anything before I left. You are the best.

This week we have some high points and low points. Pretty typical. One low point was that we planned a FHE activity for our investigators and we invited everyone and their dog (literally) and all of our menos activos and guess how many people showed up? ZERO. The only people that came were: Our ward mission leader, the bishop and his family, the 2nd counselor and the family whose house we were using. I felt super bad and embarrassed. But everyone was super nice and told us 'no se preocupen' don't worry. But I might have cried a little on the walk home. But only a little, I promise. Hopefully the ward will start realizing we need their help more! We are struggling receiving references. We do have a lot of support from the ward, we just need a little more. 

But like I said, we had some good moments, too. Yesterday at church, our investigator Romaldo wasn't there at the beginning of sacrament meeting. We had passed by his house earlier and he wasn't home but we figured he has already left because he rides his bike to church and the chapel is pretty far now. Plus, he told us that he was going to beat us to the chapel that day. So I was confused but half way through the meeting, he showed up. Good old Romaldo. He told us that he went to a different church first because he forgot where the chapel was (we moved chapels last week.) He ended up at some Pentacostel (how do you spell that?) church and realized that it wasn't the right one so he went looking for the right chapel and finally found it. If I was him, I would have turned around and gone home! I was so happy he made it. 

Speaking of the chapel being far away. One of the Hermanas in our ward laid the smack down yesterday in Relief Society. They were talking about  activities and church being far away and how no one is going to come because it costs more money to take a taxi and all of this stuff. She raised her hand and was like 'This is not a matter of money. THIS IS A MATTER OF FAITH. How far did the Pioneers have to walk to make it to Zion? How much did they have to sacrifice? If you want to be at church, you will find a way. And you NEED to be at church because we have made covenants with the Lord of keep His commandments...' and so on and so forth. It was powerful and wanted to clap afterward, but that would have been inappropriate. But seriously, it's true. Plus, the bishopric is providing transportation from the old chapel to the new chapel in this big truck. Let me try to explain. 

So after church, we were eating dinner with a sister who lives close to the old chapel and she hitched a ride with the transportation. Since it was free, my companion and I decided to take advantage of it (usually we take a taxi). So it's this big truck and in the truck bed, there is a fence like thing around the side. Everyone crammed in the back of the truck bed...there were probably 20 of us standing in the back of the truck. Super Mexican. It would have been totally illegal in the US and it was probably really unsafe and it was super hilarious when he would turn a corner or brake because everyone was moving all over the place, but it's all good. We were leaving church so we have the Lord's protection. I wish I had my camera to document it but unfortantely I didn't have it. Next time. 

Also, I ate chicharon for the first time and didn't get sick. Before the mission someone told me that they only time they got sick was when they ate chicharon so I was a little worried but I'm ok. I told the hermana that I loved it...and it tasted good because of the salsa, but the texture is kind of like boogers so it wasn't my favorite. Luckily, with a tortilla, I can eat just about anything. 

Also, Mundial has started. The big world cup of soccer. EVERYONE watches the matches and it's a little distracting during lessons when all of a sudden you hear a big GOOOOAAAALLLLLLLLL. It's too bad we can't watch but I don't know anything about soccer so it's all good. I heard US lost pretty badly and I wasn't sad about it. Right now, I'm all about Mexico. Also, my companion told the family we ate with yesterday that they shouldn't watch TV on sundays...and I thought...I am sure my family is watching a Dodger's game right now. Am I a bad missionary  if I wanted to tell them to just watch the soccer game? I didn't, but I totally wanted to! Oops.

I hope you are all happy and healthy. I am lucky I've been blessed with good health here on the mission (although my legs are covered in bug bites and I want to rip them off. Also, I'm probably going to get the dengue...just kidding, mom. :) I use repellent but it doesn't work very well.) Hopefully I didn't just jinx myself. 

Anyway, I have been blessed here on the mission with so much. I am grateful everyday for the mercy and grace of the Savior. There are so many things that I need to do during the day and some days...or I should say every day...I fall short. I am so grateful that if we give our all to do the will of the Lord, Christ's grace is sufficient to make up the difference. I have pondered this and still don't fully comprehend how it all works, but I have faith that it is true. I know that the Lord is directing this work. Somehow He is working through this gringa that can't speak the language very well to move His work forward. 

Also, one more thing. I have a testimony of scripture reading. I want to challenge everyone within the sound of my voice...ok, within sight of my words? That works. Anyway, the Book of Mormon. That book is powerful and true. It have the answers to your questions and brings peace and hope to those who study it's words. READ IT. Every day. 

Love you all!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Durham

My and my companion. Looking super attractive, I know. 


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