Monday, April 21, 2014

Earthquakes and Eating Ants


Another week gone and only one week left in this change. I can't believe I've only been here for a month. I feel like it's been so much longer. 

Let's see...this week we had an earthquake! We were sitting doing our studies and I felt like I was moving but I was sitting down. I noticed that the table was moving too. It took my comps a few seconds to recognize it but we definitely figured it out. When we first got to the mission, we got this little pamphlet on what to do during Earthquakes so the first thing Hermana Martinec and I did was run for our pamphlets...bahaha. It wasn't even that big and all the pamphet said was to stay calm. Or at least that's all I could understand since it was in Spanish. I'm not sure how long it lasted but after I felt a little dizzy. I think it was worse in other areas but we are safe and sound. 

We have some really great families in our ward that I just love. We ate at our Ward Mission Leader's house this week and his wife prepared an American meal for us...fried chicken, mashed potatoes, cole slaw and bread. It was so cute of her to do that. We ate at another families house this Sunday and they are so hilarious. The husband is trying to learn English and I love when he tries to speak. He always tells us that we are 'off the chains!' I don't know how to tell him that nobody actually says that in America...haha. Oh, he said that he really wants some playing cards from Las Vegas so if anyone wants to send me some to give to him, he would really appreciate it. :)

We got some rain this week. The first rain of the season. It was near the end of the night and we got soaked! But the air was so much cooler that night and I could sleep more comfortably. It rained again one other night, too. It was much appreciated. Everyone says that May and June are the hottest months and then it starts the rainy season and it gets cooler. Can't wait for that. 

Oh...about eating ants. So we have ants in our house...I'm pretty sure it's impossible to not have them. I'm just glad it's not cockroaches. Anyway, the yesterday, Hermana Garcia made french toast and eggs for us for breakfast. So yummy and so nice. We left the plate sitting out for less than an hour and had a napkin over it. There weren't any ants in sight. Well, I went and grabbed another piece to eat and took a bite. Then the skin on my hands felt like it was moving and I looked down and my hands were COVERED in ants...and so was the bread that I just took a bite out of!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH! I freaked out and spit the chewed piece out and threw the other part away, washed my hands and brushed my teeth for like 10 minutes. The rest of the day I felt like ants were crawling in my throat, but I'm pretty sure it was just my least I hope. 
The Easter Bunny came to Mexico! haha MOM--I got my easter package and WE LOVE THE SHORTS SO MUCH. They are the coolest. My zone leader was jealous and said he wanted some, too. Yesterday morning I left some of the candy on my companion's beds while they were getting ready so we could feel like it was Easter. We didn't do much in church about Easter, we didn't even sing any of the Easter hymns. There was one talk on the resurrection though. 

Christen asked in an email what traditions they have here in Mexico. Well, this last week is called Semana Santa and EVERYONE goes on vacations so the work was a little slow. Also, there were a lot more drunk people on the streets. It's weird because all the borrachos seem to know English. It's super hilarious to hear 'Hey baby...where you go?' I've also received several marriage if I can't find anyone to marry in the US...haha, just kidding. But seriously. Also, in different parts of the country, they reenact the crucifixion. I don't like this...they actually have someone who prepares all year to act like the Savior and they are literally nailed to a cross but apparently they don't die. The reason I don't like this is because Christ already suffered for us...the atonement was performed so we won't have to suffer like He did if we will repent.

ALSO...we had a baptism this week!! Adrian was baptized on Saturday and confirmed a member of the church on Sunday. The baptism was really nice and we actually had several members from the ward come to support. I can't tell you how much member support means to missionaries. I was super worried because no one was there at 7 (when we were supposed to start) but I realized that Mormon Standard time in on another level here. Mexican Mormon Standard time. It started at about 7:40 but we have people there and it was so nice. Adrian was really happy and I was so happy for him. He is starting a new life! Clean from sin and relieved of guilt. What a great blessing! He was talking about serving a mission...that would be so cool! The ward has really helped in welcoming him. 

There is always so much to tell you and not enough time! Ahh!. Today we have a zone gathering at the church. The zone leaders told us that this family from the stake wanted to make us stake so I was super excited. We wore our shorts because we were going to play volleyball, too. So we get there and guess what we are eating? Like literally a big pig leg. still had some of the skin AND hair on it (I didn't eat that part). The meat tasted good, though. Oh Mexico...I love this place. 

Although it didn't really feel like Easter yesterday, I studied about the atonement and resurrection in my personal studies. How grateful I am for the Savior. I know that he came into this world in the humblest of circumstances to do the greatest work. He lived a perfect life and suffered ALL things because he loves us. He loves every single one of us. He knows each of us perfectly...and he knows how to help each of us perfectly. Although I can't fully comprehend the magnitude of His sacrifice, I know that He loves me. What an amazing blessing. I hope everyone had a lovely Easter and you were able to reflect on the blessings you have received from the miracle of the atonement and resurrection of the Savior. 

I love you all!!

Love, Hermana Durham

Our ward had a talent show. We were at the chapel for Adrian's baptismal interview so we got to see a little bit of it. Our bishopric dressed up and dances like the Minions. SO HILARIOUS. 

La Familia Losada. The husband is the one learning English. 

Eating the big meat pig leg thing. 
Modeling our shorts!!

Adrian's baptism! The man who baptized him was the one who made me do the spiritual thought in ward council last week.

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