Monday, April 14, 2014

Peace and Blessings

Hello everyone!

So this week was full of interesting things. We did divisions with the Sister Training Leaders. Hna. Martinec went to their area and Hermana Sanchez came to our area. She was fearless and really good at talking with people. I hope I can get to that point. She is from Mexico so she obviously can speak Spanish. I told her that I'm scared to speak and she said that the only way to get over that is by speaking and trying. I will say that I definitely tried more this week. Hermana Garcia forced me to talk, actually. We would be contacting and she would just be silent and it would be awkward so I had to say something. Spanish is my biggest obstacle right now. I know that the only way to improve is by speaking. Yesterday at church, one of the counselors in the bishopric was talking to us and asked me how my Spanish was coming along. I told him that it was so-so and he told me that I need to speak more in order to improve. We went into ward counsel and guess who he chose to give the spiritual thought? I should have seen it coming. I was freaking out but I didn't cry! haha. I gave a scripture about diligence and how we need diligence in missionary work. It was short and I know I made errors but I did it. I hope I won't have to do that again for a while!

So about the title of my email. I think it was Tuesday or Wednesday and my stomach was hurting. It was the weirdest thing. It would hurt really really bad and I would feel like I needed to throw up for like 5-10 minutes, then it would go away for a little bit and then it would come back. This was happening all day after we ate. So we were on this street trying to find a reference and I needed to stop for a minute. I was crouched down on the side of the road wanting to die but decided that I could keep walking. We were making our way up this hill and this man and woman walked by us. She stopped and asked my companions if I was ok. They told her that my stomach hurt and so she turned to me and said 'We are sisters in the gospel. Can I pray for you?' I looked at my companions for comfirmation that this was ok and they were both laughing (well, Hna. Garcia was trying to call our district leader to tell him I wasn't feeling well but she was also laughing). I didn't know what to do but I figured that a prayer wouldn't hurt. I thought she would just go home and pray for me. Nope. She proceeded to put her hands in the air, close her eyes, and I guess...give me a blessing. I was SO CONFUSED. The only thing I could really understand was when she yelled 'SANA' which means 'be healed' or something. My companions said she was like calling the devil out of me. There were both dying laughing and I was half laughing half whincing in pain. After she was done she looked at me and asked me if I felt better. I didn't but I told her 'un pocito' and she was like 'YOU ARE HEALED' and kept saying that as her and her husband walked away.  

So come to find out later that Hermana Garcia and Hermana Martinec knew this lady because she gave Hma. Garcia a 'blessing' before! Her name is Rafaela and her husband's name is Paz (or peace). I'm pretty sure that those aren't their real names though. Anyway, it was an interesting experience but unfortunately I wasn't healed and felt sick the rest of the night.

We have a really great lesson with one of our investigators who is on date for baptism. His name is Adrian. He is 21 years old and actually comes to church! What?! But seriously, he is renewing my faith that there are people that are prepared to hear the gospel. He said that he was feeling pretty bad. He decided to read some of the Book of Mormon and he read about the atonement and how Christ suffered for our sins. He thought 'can He forgive my sins?' After he thought that, he said he felt really good. He felt peace. We explained that was the spirit testifying to him that the Lord truly can forgive us of our sins and that it is through baptism we can receive that forgiveness. Adrian is truly prepared for the gospel. I had been feeling like everyone we talk to doesn't care to listen, or wants to listen but doesn't want to change. I was starting to lose a little bit of hope but this experience taught me that there are people who are prepared. It's just a matter of finding them. We should be having his baptism this Saturday

We also had a follow up meeting for trainers and trainees this week with President Kusch and Hermana Kusch. It was nice to see them and hear their counsel. I will be honest, the last 4 weeks have not been easy. I feel like I'm not doing enough because I can't communicate, but I was reminded that the Lord called me to this mission for a reason and that He will help me with what I need help with. I just need to get over my fears. That's much easier said than done but I am trying to trust more in Him. I know this is the work of the Lord and that He will help me. 

Let me just say I really like my companions. They are hilarious. Hna. Garcia always makes me laugh...and she is always falling. More like tripping. I don't know why. But both of them are super great and help me lighten up when I feel down. Hna. Garcia thinks I have a ghetto spirit because I'm so spunky...and ghetto. How many other people have told me that? Like a billion. Haha. Also, our district leader, Elder Matos always makes really funny faces and I can imitate them really well and she always makes me do the face. That probably isn't funny to anyone who reads this because you don't know what the face is, but trust me, it's funny. 

We also had a cool experience in street contacting. We started talking to this lady and her family and she didn't seem very interested. She told us that she was catholic. We explained who were are and our message. Just as she was about to leave she asked 'what is a mormon anyway?' and we explained that we are called Mormon because of the Book of Mormon. Hermana Garcia explained what it was and I gave her a copy. She was so curious and was flipping through the book and asking more questions. It was super cool to see that change once we brought up the Book of Mormon. That book has power. I have really started loving it. It truly contains the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ...the secret to true happiness!! It is truly convincing evidence that the gospel of Jesus Christ is again restored to the earth. Everyone should read it. 

Well, that's all for this week. PEACE AND BLESSINGS TO YOU ALL. 


Hermana Durham

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