Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I Will Go and Do


I think I said this last week, but I feel like I"ve been here for 2 months and this is only my 3rd week! I only have 2 1/2 weeks left in the MTC! Can you believe that? The weather here has been so much nicer! I think it might rain or snow again before I leave, but I'm enjoying the nice weather while I have it!

All my days seem to blend together here! We started teaching an investigator in the TRC this week. These are people who are paid to act like real investigators. I've been trying really hard to do as everyone has been telling me and not to worry so much about the Spanish and it's totally working! This week has been so much less stressful (I've had my moments, but so much better)! I'm starting to realized that knowing the doctrine is WAY more important than anything because guess's the doctrine and the spirit that converts people, not my words. Of course, words help in guiding people to find out for themselves, but somehow I've able to figure out how to say things and it's ok. She is really good at asking hard questions! But studying and preparing always helps.

I was reading in Preach My Gospel (a book everyone should read) and it was saying that I'm the Lord's authorized servant in the area of the world I've been called to. It really hit me that I am literally a representative of the Savior. I should act as He would act, think as He would think, speak as He would speak. Wow.

We talked about the "gathering" and who is really doing the gathering in this work. People, the Lord is gathering His sheep...not the missionaries. We are just finding those who He is preparing/gathering. I've thought many times before and since being here "Who am I? I'm just some random girl from Nevada telling people about Christ. Who is ever going to listen to me?" But here is the cool thing, the Lord is preparing people to hear His gospel...and to hear it from my voice. I know there are people in Mexico that will be prepared and that I have been prepared with specific experiences in my life to help them. 

Also, someone told me that it is projected the missionary force this summer will hit 100,000 missionaries...the most in the history of the church! THAT IS NUTS!! And makes me so excited! If the Lord is preparing all these missionaries, he is OBVIOUSLY preparing His children to hear His message. But us missionaries can't do it alone so make sure you are opening your mouths and sharing your testimonies with others. You won't regret it! 

I saw Carly Schiess at the Main Campus on Sunday night. She has been there for 7 weeks and has 2 more weeks to go. That poor girl! Haha...she said "I've been praying a lot!" I can't even imagine learning Russia or whatever she is learning! 

Yesterday we had a devotional from Elder Steven E. Snow and his wife. His wife mentioned the Nephi's Courage song "I will go...I will DOOOOOOO the things the Lord commands. I know the Lord provides a way! He wants me to obey!" I loved that reminder. The Lord truly qualifies those whom He calls. I've felt that here and I'm sure I'll feel it a LOT more once I'm in the field. I've realized how essential relying on the Savior is. It's been hard for me because I'm a little stubborn (thanks, pop :) and like to do things myself, so my faith is really being tested but I love it...but mostly after I realize my trials have helped me. 

Elder Snow also talked a lot about how to be a good missionary and how early missionaries planted seeds that we get to sow. He served in Germany in the 1960s and said their motto was "For every door we knock, they get another baptism in Mexico!" haha...Thanks Elder Snow! But seriously, I'm so excited to work with the members and people down there. I'm sure we will also be involved with a lot of reactivation. Find those less actives or inactives and invite them back to church! He said to think of ourselves as "Ward or Branch Builders." I love that. 

Funny least I think it's funny. We had some of Grandma's cake left over last Wednesday and we were home with the cleaning check people came. They usually do surprise checks to see if we are keeping our apartments clean. Well, we had lots of treats so we offered them cake and candy and they gladly accepted AND gave us 100% on our cleaning check! Well, they came yesterday and our apartment was far from spotless...and they totally gave us 100% again!! Not sure if it was the cake or something else, but we were blessed. I'll take it! So thanks again, Grams and Gramps!! :)

Thanks again to everyone who keeps writing me even though I can't write back all the time! Also, CHELSEA -- I was totally going to call you out since I hadn't heard from you but I logged on today and saw your email! Your baby bump is adorable and I can't wait to see pictures of that cute baby boy! 

I went to the temple today. I miss working in the temple so bad! I seriously just wanted to stay there and help. I miss my dear friends at the Las Vegas temple! I'll be back in 18 months! 

I'm attaching pictures. 
1) My district
2) My comps and I with Sister Price (she is in the branch presidency)
3) My FAVORITE Elders leaving this Monday for Mexico! Jealous!
4) Our zone at the temple this morning. We are small but we are getting 2 new districts today!

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Again, thanks for the love and support. 

Until next week!

Hermana Durham

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