Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Feeling the LOVE!

 HELLO!! I made it another week...and it feels like I've been here a month! Welcome to the MTC.

First off...a BIG SHOUT OUT TO MY OLD(est) BROTHER BEN! Happy birthday on Monday. I thought about you all day! I will leave off your age since this will be published on the internet. That's your birthday present from me. You're welcome! :) Also, check your mail because I sent you a card.

ALSO...did I read mom's letter right? Easton has a PERMIT?! Where has time gone? It seems like yesterday he was this little butter-ball-4-year-old chasing trains and ice cream trucks. STOP GROWING SO FAST! But seriously, be safe out there on the road. And congrats!

Ok, Valentine's day was literally the best day ever. I got so much love. I can't tell you how much letters and packages help here that the MTC. Each day you just feel like there is so much to do and so little time but a letter of encouragement or a funny story can brighten any gloomy day. And trust me, days have been gloomy here. Provo needs to warm up, stat. Or I just need to get to Mexico. I checked the weather there today...84 degress. Perfecto.

Anyway, back to packages. THANK YOU! It pays to #1 have lots of sisters!!!!! YAY! and #2 be an old missionary because all your friends have already served missions so they are home to write you letters. Also, one of the biggest surprises was a package from my dear friends at the Testing Center!! I got a letter written on a red bubble sheet. Not too many missionaries can say that. I LOVE THE TC! I loved all the Valentine's from my nieces and sisters! Also, I got Grandma's chocolate bundt cake hand delivered by Uncle Tom. It was enjoyed by all! Then I got home that night and found a package on my kitchen table from Katie and her family! I'm one lucky Hermana.THANK YOU! I love my friends and family. 

This week was good. On Sunday we had a devotional and President Matthew Holland from UVU spoke. Guess who else was there? Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. We were sitting in the front section of the room on the right side. They have reserved seats for family and friends but they saved too many so this usher asked me and my comps if we wanted to move up and over. I was literally 3 rows back smack dab in the center from Elder Holland. I just cried when he walked in. I love that this church is led and guided by Christ through living prophets and apostles! He introduced his son so he didn't actually speak, but his presence was awesome. President Holland was awesome, though! He got up and said..."I'm sorry you drew the short stick. In two months from now, my dad, Elder Holland will be speaking to the missionaries here. I want you all to write this in your journals...LIFE ISN'T FAIR!" hahahaha....Yes, I was a little disappointed that we didn't get to hear from Holland but the talk was awesome. It was all about Joseph Smith and how a testimony of him is necessary as missionaries. He talked about the road to Palmyra. Many may not know but Joseph's life was NOT EASY. Especially leading up to the first vision. He had it rough...and his life continued to be rough. But that is how God makes good men great. Our trials shape up into who God needs up to be. Joseph needed to be tough to withstand the horrible persecution he would face. I LOVE the prophet Joseph Smith. I know that is the prophet that restored the gospel of Jesus Christ back to the earth in it's fullness. Without him, I wouldn't be serving a mission.

I"m glad you all had a good time at the Gilbert Temple Open House! I hear it's a gorgeous temple! I want to go there in 18 months, ok? Who's in?

Mom-I did see Annamarie Hoer. I forgot in my last email to mention that I saw her at the first Sunday devotional and she was leaving the next day for CO! It was fun to see her. 

Something I've been working on is patience...especially with myself. I really appreciate the emails and letters I"ve received from my family and friends about being patient with learning Spanish. Everyday I feel like I need to be fluent and everyday I have to remind myself that I won't'll come little by little. Poco a poco. :) 

Oh, I got called at the Sister Training Leader in my zone. The other STL left this Monday. The only sisters in our zone right now are my comps and me so that's nice for now. I hope we get some more sisters next week...we won't get any this week! Basically I have a few more meetings I need to go to on Sunday and make sure that the sisters in my zone are taken care of. 

We met our second teacher this week. He was and still is our "investigator" Fernando...but his real name is Hermano Zenger. There are SO many great teachers at the MTC. I met one-on-one yesterday with a resource teacher to help me with setting spanish goals. Hmo. Zenger is an AWESOME teacher. He and Hma. Vawdrey really want to help us become the best missionaries possible. I'm grateful for them. 

Anyway, I'm sure I'm forgetting things, but that is bascially my week. 

Please keep writing! Use dearelder if you can because I onlyl check email on Wednesday! Also, Mom, I used the Dora stickers for Valentines so I may need some more. Stickers are the best! Thank you. And I loved the recipe book! Awesome!! "Como se dice YUMMY en espanol?" Haha. So great. 

Love you all so much! 

Con MUCHO amor,

Hermana Kylie.

Me and my comps on our way to get our visas last week
Me on the train to SLC reppin' the BOM 
My district on V-Day. Selfie to the extreme.
My whole zone before the district with the other Hermanas left. They were super awesome and I'm going to miss them!

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