Monday, November 10, 2014

Greco got baptized and we ate LOTS of cake

Hello Family,

This was a happy week! My buddy Greco finally got baptized and it was beautiful.

I hit 9 months this week!!! It was cool that I got to celebrate it with my MTC companion, Hna. Chambers. We took pregnancy pictures since you have a baby in 9 months. I probably shouldn't show anyone these pictures because they are hideous, but I think I'll send one just for fun! haha. I am half way there!! Can you believe that time has gone by so fast! In less than a year, I will be done. :( I don't really want to think about that, though!

On Thursday Greco had his interview with the District Leader and after our DL was like 'He basically recited the first vision and the sacrament prayers to me!' haha. That is Greco for you. He is such a smart kid. When we got there, he had his arm in a sling! He fell and broke his elbow the day before and was really sad because he thought he wouldn't be able to get baptized with his cast. I told him that I got baptized with a cast, too! I showed him the picture I have of me and Pop and you can see the white sock that mom put over it. I told him that he can just put a bag over the top and all will be fine! He was happy to hear that!

Friday was Multi-Zone conference and it was sooo fun! We met with another zone and plus all the missionaries from Guerrero that are in those zones so there were close to 90 missionaries! Hna. Garcia and Hna. Martinec were both there! All three of us reunited after 7 months! I also got to see a bunch of other friends. We did a skit about the 3 little pigs but it was a spin off. The skit is in English and all of the Latin missionaries who are learning are the voices, and the English speakers are the actors. I was selected as Sister Pig 4...the skit wasn't very funny so we spiced it up and the 'big bad wolf' (my comp Hna. Ward) was the big bad ELDER WOLF in the beginning. In the end of the skit, I went to Utah where I met missionaries and the part we added in was that Elder Wolf returns home from the mission and we get married! haha. That probably makes no sense but it was funny.

The skits were fun, but the best part was the powerful instruction we received from President Kusch. I am so grateful for him. He truly is an inspired man. I left the conference with a new determination to improve. I really want to be a powerful teacher, and the only way I can do that is by having the spirit. We talked about using inspired questions and allowing the spirit to really teach the lesson. At the end, he said something that really impacted me. He said some like 'there are 90 missionaries here today. That is 90 active members of the church. One day you will be married and have kids. That means 90 families in the church. Then imagine not only your kids, but your grandkids and great-grandkids as active members of the church. Your mission is not only for the next 2 years or 18 months, but it is for your entire lives.' It really impacted me. This mission isn't just for 18 months, but I am becoming the person that I really need to become so that I can help build the Lord's kingdom here on the earth.

We had the baptism for Greco on Saturday! It was so beautiful. Greco and his grandma Elohina wrote a 'song' kind of thing for the baptism and wanted me to sing it but I made them sing it with me. It was a little strange but cute at the same time. I also sang a song 'In the Hallow of Thy Hand' but in Spanish and...not going to lie, it was pretty good. haha. Greco's grandpa baptized him and it was super nice. Both of his parents were there and his grandma on his dad's side and his aunt who aren't members. I was so happy that his parents were there to support him. He is such a special kid. I can just imagine him on his mission in 10 years.

Elohina and her husband brought a TON of food so we celebrated the baptism and also the birthday of Hna. Ward and Elohina (it was the same day -- 9 Nov). They had 3 different cakes! haha.

Sunday was Hna. Ward's birthday. She had a really good day. The Young Women in the ward sang to her and brought her a cake! After church, we ate with Lucy, our investigator and ate a lot of yummy food and cake. After, we went with the familia Pintor and ate MORE cake. I felt like I was going to die I was so full. Then, we stopped by another member’s house and she had made us pancakes but we took them to go because he had no more room! It was a happy day.

When we were with the Pintors, they told us that they are going to go to the temple with the ward this month to do baptisms for the dead! They are taking a family history class and are going to take family names. That made me so happy!!!! Fabiola told us that she wishes they would have found the gospel earlier so that they didn't have to pass through so many trials, but I explained that those trials helped prepare them to accept the gospel at this time. That the Lord knows everything and this was the best time for them. Hno. Tomas made us promise that we would see each other again some day...and not just in the eternities! haha. Also, Edgar got a calling yesterday! He is the secretary in the Young Men's Presidency! I was so excited to hear that! He is nervous but excited. Oh I just love that family so much. I know they are definitely one of the reasons that I needed to go on a mission.

I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love you all so much. There was one point in this week, I was just walking in the street and thought to myself 'I just love the gospel soo much!' and I do. It really is such a huge blessing in my life. I am grateful to be able to share it with others as a missionary. I know that through the gospel, we can become better. I also know that we won't be perfect here in this life, but as we strive for perfection, the Lord in His grace will make up the difference.

I love you all sooo much. Thanks for all you do for me. Oh...I will be calling home in less than 2 months!! Get excited!


Hermana Durham

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