Monday, February 2, 2015

1 year? Seriously.

Hello my dear family,

To celebrate my 1 year mark, I decided to wash my snuggie...FYI I haven't washed it in a year. Let's just say the water was browner than normal in the washing machine. Hahahahaha

This week was...I'll be honest, a little hard. But good. It's always that way. What am I talking about.

On Monday night we were told that we would be heading to Cuernavaca for the follow up training for the new missionaries on Tuesday at 4. So we didn't really do much on Tuesday. We left after the food and made it to Cuernavaca at about 6pm. It was so fun to see everyone. We slept that night in the offices and the next day we had the training in the mission home. I love going to trainings with President and Sister Kusch. I always leave feeling a renewed desire to be a better missionary. It was also awesome because Hna. Kusch cooked for us and we ate lots of yummy food. They even had cookies from Costco! I almost cried. We were there pretty much the whole day and left that night to head back to Iguala. We had a good time and got back home ready to start working hard.

But then we had two days that were just rough. The area that I am in is rather humble. The people don't have a lot of money or education so it's a little difficult. A lot of people think that the people who are poor are more susceptible to accepting the gospel, which may be true, but a lot of times, they just want free hand outs. We went to visit this investigator that we met a few weeks ago. We had been meeting in the house of a member but on Thursday, she took us to her house (well, it's the house of her son). I am not even sure you could call it a house. It looked like a trash dumb. Her grandkids were there and were completely dirty. It was the saddest thing. Even more sad that I felt like I couldn't really help this lady. She started talking bad about a member of the church that she knows who is a faithful member of our ward which irritated me. We ended up asking her what she expected from our visits and she asked us if we could give her money. We explained that the church has a program to help us become self-reliant and that she could go to these classes to help develop talents or find a job, but that we couldn't just give her money. I just felt hopeless in this moment. I know that the gospel could change this woman's life, but not in the way she is thinking.

Then we headed to another cita and the man just can't seem to accept the Book of Mormon. I testified that this was the true church and he asked a question that stuck with me. 'If this is the true church, why doesn't everyone go?' I thought in my head, 'I ask myself that all the time!' We explained about agency and how we are able to choose and also how satan works hard to distract us from what is good. But honestly, after we left, I thought...BUT SERIOUSLY! Why doesn'´t everyone come to this church. It is seriously the best thing in the world. It changes lives. If people only would actually listen to what we are saying!!!!!

I was a little frustrated and on Friday, it all came flooding out. It literally felt like EVERYONE was rejected us. No one wanted to listen or they would listen and then tell us that they didn't want anything. That's fine. But there was this one lady that literally looked at me and said 'I don't like listening to people like you.' I told her 'Just remember, you are a daughter of God and He loves you' and we walked away. As I walked away, I just started crying. I haven't cried in a while, but I couldn't help it. I was so mad and sad and frustrated and exhuasted. I cried all the way up this really big hill. We went to visit a family and I thought...if they aren't home, I am going home and not leaving the house the rest of the week! (obviously that isn't true, but that is what I was thinking). But the family was there, I calmed down and remembered that we have to pass through times like these in order to appreciate the sweet times.

This probably sounds like a super depressing email. And it is because it was a hard week, but it was good because my companion and I realized that something we need to work on is helping the members gain personal conversions of the gospel. This ward is famous in the mission for baptizing a ton, but in the end, there isn't much retention. We feel like we need to reactivate families who have fallen away and really work with the members and I know that we will see miracles.

One of the biggest miracles we saw this week was that of the Familia Bringas. David is our investigator...he is 11 years old. His mom and grandma are active but his grandpa stopped going to church about 2 years ago because he was offended by some of the members. He reminds me SO MUCH of Pop...the way he looks, his facial expressions,his stubborness (hehe), his big heart, his wisdom. He is so nice to us and always treats us with so much respect but he just doesn't want to go to church (this part doesn't remind me of Pop...haha). Anyway, we talked to him because we would like him to baptize his grandson. He hasn't committed any sin, he just stopped going. We told him that he could do it but he would have to go to chuch and talk to the bishop. I told him that he reminded me so much of my pop and that he would be a great leader in the church, but he just needs to be a little more humble and not worry about the others because his personal salvation doesn't depend of them. IN the end, he promised us that he would go to church...and guess what? HE CAME! I wanted to cried. His daughter, Hna. Bringas (she is an angel) actually did cry. She was so happy and shocked that he came. He talked to the bishop and all was good. We are going to work really hard with him because we want him and his wife to go to the temple and be sealed!

They are going to remodel the church building where we attend and so we have to go to another one, where my old ward meets. I was able to see a bunch of members yesterday, and it was so fun to see them. they all were so excited to see me and told me that my spanish has improved a ton! woo hoo!

Yesterday, we had a special fireside with President and Sister Kusch here in Iguala. It was really good. They talked about missionary work, of course, and it was really great. I felt pumped to get out and work another week.

Although this week was hard, it was also really good. The Lord answered many prayers and we were able to grow as missionaries. I know that there will ALWAYS be days and weeks like these, but I also know that the Lord is pleased when we keep on working. When we keeping going even when we want to give up. I know that my companion and I can do so much good here and we are giving it our all. Keep praying for is certainly appreciated!

I love you all so much. Can you believe that in 6 months I will be home?!?!?! I sure can't. I feel like I still have an eternity left. haha. But I am excited and grateful for the time I have left!

I love you all. The church is true...don't forget that.


Hermana Durham

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