Monday, January 5, 2015


And so little time. I only have like an hour to write so let’s see how this goes.

Here is a quick rundown.

On Tuesday I received a call and they told me I had been called to train a new missionary!!!!!! I was so excited and felt very grateful for the opportunity. This week was so crazy, filled with so many emotions.

Bueno, first, I had in total 5 birthday cakes. 5, people. I am lucky to even get one at home...haha, just kidding. But seriously, everyone here is so great and I am really going to miss my area...because I am going to open an area, but I am not going to tell you where yet.

As you all know, we were preparing Rosario, Dante, and David to be baptized on the 3rd. We still had to teach a few things to David but he was so prepared. They all had their baptismal interviews on Wednesday and Thursday and the Elders told us that they were some of the most prepared people they have interviewed. I was so happy and excited!

On Friday I had a training meeting for all the trainers in the mission. There are 4 sisters training and I think 5 Elders. At the meeting, I found out who my companion was going to be and where I was going. My companion is Hermana Garcia from Mexico City and she looked so cute in her picture! And GUESS WHERE I AM GOING?!?!?!?!?! BACK TO IGUALA!!!!!!!!!!! I am not joking, when I saw that I almost cried. I am soooo excited. I will be going to a different area, but this area always has lots of baptisms and the sisters that were there before told me that they left a lot of prepared people so I am so excited to get to work! The only down side is that my area is pretty much a big hill. haha...but I got my wish! And I hope I will be getting my tan back, too! :) President Kusch gave the training and he was talking about attitude and hard work and shared with everyone that Hna. Ward and I were put in the area of the mission that had a reputation of never baptizing. For months, they didn't even have missionaries there. But we got there without knowing that before hand and with our attitudes, hard work, unity and love, we were able to really change the area around. I about cried with he said that. I know that I was called to that area for a reason. Although it was super hard and there were times where we didn't know what to do, we kept going and we were able to find really prepared people.

On Friday, we found a new investigator and we were teaching her and she offered us some Chile Rellenos de queso. I didn't really like it but I ate it anyway. Hermana Ward ate 4 because she really liked them. This may seem like an insignificant detail but just wait.

On Saturday, I was feeling kind of weird in the morning. I felt off balance and my stomach hurt, but not to the point where I needed to go to the bathroom. We went to a few citas and after we needed to go back to the church to start filling the baptismal font. We left the last appointment and I felt like all of my strength had left me and I could barely walk. We decided to take a taxi to the church building and we got there RIGHT in time. I ran into the bathroom and..excuse me but...exploded. I probably shouldn't write all these details but just so you know how bad it was, I was literally on the toilet and had to turn around immediately to throw up. I got some throw up in my hair and on my shoes but luckily nothing on my clothes. It was horrible. I took turns going diarrhea and throwing up a few times until I didn't think anything was left in me. I literally was laying on the ground wanting to die. We called the family that we were going to eat with and they came and picked us up and I also had to use their bathroom a few...a lot...of times. I asked for a blessing and slept on their couch for about 2 hours. While all this was happening, Hna. Ward also fell sick. She started throwing up and everything! She got a blessing and we were just laying on their couches without any energy.

Well, we had a baptism at 6! WE HAD to go...even though I really just wanted to go home and change clothes and go to bed. The family bought us gatorade and we got to the baptism late, but everyone was there waiting in their white jumpers and they were so happy to see us! The baptismal service was beautiful and there were a lot of people from the ward there. David wanted to sing a song with us and he chose 'There is Sunshine In My Soul Today'. It literally took every ounce of energy I had to stand and sing, but we did it for Super Dave! After the baptism we went home and collapsed in our beds. But not before we got the notice that Hna. Ward would also be getting changes but we didn't know to where!

We went to church in the morning and had to tell our wonderful investigators and recent converts that we would be leaving the next day. It was so hard. So very hard. You just come to love these people so much and being in one place for so long, you get used to seeing people all the time. But change is always good and I know the new sisters coming to the area, and they are awesome. After sacrament meeting, we went back home and slept and then went to eat with La Familia Pintor for the last time ( I didn't eat anything..). It was funny because we ate with them the first Sunday that we got to the area, but they weren't members then. They were all really sad to say goodbye to us and tears were shed, but I know that I will see them again someday. I love that family so much. We also visited Rosario and Dante and I made Dante promise me that he would go on a mission one day! We also stopped by to visit David. Man, David is seriously so awesome. He told us that before we met him, he thought his life had purpose but then we helped him realize that he wasn't going anywhere, and had no real purpose, but now he feels like he really has a purpose. He told us that he feels happier now than he had in a long time and he is so very grateful for us. I was crying, of course. I told him the best way to thank us...but not really us, but Heavenly Father, is by always going to church, always reading the scriptures and always saying his prayers. He told me that he would. Man I am going to miss them!

I spent the rest of the night and all of the morning packing all of my things. Ugh...worst thing ever. Hermana Ward and I had to both take our luggage and everything to the offices and it was a miracle that everything fit. We got there and then had a meeting with President about where everyone was going. Hna. Ward is going to my old area in Iguala. We will still be in the same zone! President talked to us about security and everything and don't worry, we will be well taken care of. He said that the members are very excited to have us back and that they have been working with the investigators! I am soooo excited to open this area.

The best part, I got to meet my new companion! Hna. Garcia is super cute. She told me she was so nervous to meet me! She doesn't speak any English so we are going to work together and I am going to teach her English and she is going to help me with my Spanish. We ate with President and Sister Kusch and we have another training at 6 pm tonight, so that is why I don't have a ton of time. We will get to our area tomorrow and start working! I am praying that we have light in the house because no one has lived there for 3 months...I am also hoping we don't have bugs. Um...pray for me. :)

I am sure that I am missing so many details from this week, but I think I got most of the important things! I am super excited to be able to train a new companion. She seems super sweet and excited to work. She told me 'be patient with me!' and it reminded me of when I went with Hna. Hernandez for the first time and told her the same thing. Don't worry, I will take good care of her. I haven't quite forgotten what it is like to be a new missionary. :)

I feel so blessed to be here. I really love this work. I love the people I have been able to help. Yesterday, I just felt 'This is why I had to wait until I was 25 to come on the mission. And it is totally worth it.' I will never regret my decision to come on the mission. I feel so blessed. I know that this is the church of Jesus Christ. I am grateful to have the chance to help people come unto Christ.

I love you all! I hope that you have a wonderful week.


Hermana Durham

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