Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving....?

Hi Family!

How was everyone's Thanksgiving? Just so you know those pictures that you all sent me made me a little jealous. I wish I could have been there to eat delicious food.

This week was a good one. It has been getting cold here at night! I can't even remember what it was like in Iguala anymore!

Hna. Ward contacted a man on the bus last week that said he didn't believe in God but then ended up accepting a baptismal date and an appointment to listen to our message. His name is David. He has an interesting story. David was very active all his life in the pentecostal church. He has a weird sickness of the skin and when he is anxious or nervous or really worked up, he gets hives all over his skin and they turn into sores. He thought all his life that it was punishment from God so he always tried to do the best he could in school and church so that he wouldn't get the hives. He told us that one day he realized that he could control his disease and that when he was in church, it just made him more stressed and then he would get the hives. He started believing more in science and that he could heal himself and that he didn't need God. Then all his doubts started coming and he stopped going to church. It has been a very long time since he has had any religion in his life. He is super cool and we are trying to help him understand that God does exist, he is a child of God and that we all have trials and tests in our lives and they aren't punishments from God. He is really progressing and he actually reads the assignments we leave him in the Book of Mormon. He also has started praying again after years of not doing it at all. We had a really good lesson about faith, humility, and pacience in afflictions and he was like 'I know, I need to be more humble!' Yep! haha And HE CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY! We have a lot of hope for him. Also, he is super nice and knew that it was Thanksgiving on Thursday so he had his sister bake us a pumpkin pie and he brought it to us yesterday!

Rosario is progressing really well, too. She is literally the most prepared investigator that I have had the opportunity of teaching. She actually listens to what we say and does it! She says that she feels so much peace in her life now that she goes to church. Her little boy Dante turned 8 on Saturday and he will be getting baptized with her on January 3. They are such a cute little family. Our friend from the ward, Edna, came with us to visit them on Saturday and brought a pie to celebrate Dante's birthday. It was super fun.

We will also be having a baptism on Saturday for Cesar! He is the son of a member in our ward...the one that said it was time to get baptized because he is 33 and Jesus was 33 when he got baptized. He passed his baptismal interview yesterday and everything! Woo hoo!

On Thanksgiving day, we didn't really do anything to celebrate. We did buy some chocolate candy things and pretended they were pie and took pictures. I also made a turkey hand for my companion and told her that I was thankful for her. I know,  I am so cute! haha.

On Friday, we did an act of service for Christmas and went to the retirement home (is that more politically correct than old folks home?) with the Young Women in the ward. It was super fun because this time we brought nail polish and painted the nails of the residents and sang Christmas songs. I painted the nails of a lady that has Alzheimer's and she kept telling me that she couldn't paint her nails because she has to cook, clean and iron all the clothes for her dad and he would get mad if he saw her nails painted. I convinced her that a light color would be perfect and she agreed. It was sad, though, she kept telling me about when her mom died and how sad she was that she will never see her again. I reassured her that she will see her mom again and she looked at me and said 'Do you really think so?!' and I told her 'Yes, I know so!' I am sad because I don't think she'll remember what I told her and she will keep being sad. I gave her the plan of salvation pamphlet because it has lots of pictures of Christ and she loved it. Also, we visited our friend Juana who we met the last time we were there and I brought the picture we took together. I gave it to her and before I left I asked where she put it and she took it out of her bra and showed it to me! hahahaha. I love old people! She gave me a big kiss on the cheek and told me to come back soon. I hope we can go back again soon.

Church was good yesterday...and especially good because I got to see Enrique and Claudia! I was in sacrament meeting and someone said 'I think you have investigators waiting for you.' I was confused and went out and almost started crying when I saw them! They brought me the package. Enrique has lost lots of weight! Also, I spoke to them in Spanish...and I told him that he needs to tell my family that I can speak Spanish now! haha.

Also, Hermana Ward and I bought a little fake Christmas tree the other day so that we could feel a little bit more the Christmas Spirit. You can see it in the picture of me with the pie. :)

I love you all so much! I can't believe that it is December!!!!!! The year is almost over. In 4 days I complete 10 months! It feels like I just completed 9.

I am so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ. The more I share the gospel with others, I can see how truly perfect the church is. We are the imperfect ones, but our Heavenly Father loves us so perfectly. He is happy even with our mortal efforts to be better. I know that Christ makes up all the difference. He just asks us to be obedient and do the best we can.

I hope all the preparations for Christmas are coming along nicely! Don't forget the true meaning of the season. There is a really awesome video on called He is the Gift. You should all watch it. I will admit, it made me kiiinnda homesick. But also really happy to be a missionary and for the opportunity to share this message with the world!

Love you all!!! Have a happy week!


Hermana Durham

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