Monday, October 20, 2014


Hi everyone...

Of course I have SO MANY things to write and only like 20 minutes because we went to Xochicalco today. It was so worth it though. Look it up on I will try to send pictures if time permits. 

Ok, so on Thursday we received a call from our district leader asking us how many matresses we have in our house. We have 3 extra. We thought it was for inventory purposes or something but then we got a call a little while later from the assistents reaffirming that we had space for 3 more people. I thought it was weird and figured they were taking all the missionaries from Guerrero out and bringing them here. At 7 pm that night we got a call and were told to come to the offices immediately to pick up our new companions. Hna. Gongora from Tabasco and Hna. Chambers, my MTC companion. Welp, ok then. The mission is so weird. So we headed to the offices and there were SO MANY missionaries there and I got to see some of my favorites and old companions. We got to the house and made up some beds for them and planned for the next day which was super stressful. We are doing divisions every day since the sisters don't know the area. I have been with Hna. Gongora this week. It has been fun getting to know her and working with someone different. I like learning different ways to teach. And she knows a lot about the sciptures and I really admire her for that! 

Funny story. On Friday it started raining REALLY hard. We were close by the Pintor family so they lent us umbrellas to use. The Testigos de Jehova (Jehova's witnesses) always use umbrellas and hats. Ok, so the next day, we went back to return the umbrellas. We knocked on their door and were waiting for them to answer when a man pulled up in his car behind us and said 'Hola Hermanas!' really friendly. I turned around and he asked if we went to the English Congregation. I told him that we were missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and let me tell you, his friendliness disappeared instantly and he said 'oh, I thought you were Testigos de Jehova like us. Have a good day' and drove off!!!!!! Oh my goodness. First of all, how embarrassing that he thought we were TJs and second rude. But whatever, I don't care. 

THEN...we were in a lesson with an investigator named Fernando and we were nearly done teaching him when his aunt invited the Testigos to come in because they were going to teach her after!!!!!! Can I just tell you that as soon as they walked in, I felt the spirit leave. It was weird. I didn't care that they were there, though and I challenges Fernando to baptism and he accepted! Then We asked them if they would join us in prayer and they literally refused. They said they don't pray with anyone but Testigos and they were talking the whole time. We left happy because Fernando accepted a date for baptism but feeling super weird and awkward about the encounter with the TJs!

I wish I had more time to write. We decided to go to Xochicalco today with a bunch of other missionaries and it was so much fun and SO cool! There were a bunch of pyramids and ancient ruins. I loved it. I am super tired and my neck got burned, but it's all good. 

I hope you all know that I love you sooooo much. Honestly, I feel so blessed to have the best family and friends in the world. Thank you for the support and prayers that I always receive. I really know that this work is of God. There have been many miracles in the last week with all the missionaries being brought to morelos and I know that we will continue to receive blessings as we continue in this work!

I love you!
Sorry I can't write more!


Hermana Durham

We went to the Casa de Oracion this sunday and took a picture. The little boy closest to me is Greco.

Almost all the Hermanas that went to Xochicalco


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